Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Family time @ Happy Hollow

We are just LOVING having Mitch home on holidays! He didn't start his leave until after my sister returned to Australia, so this week and last is his official paternity leave. Last week we kept pretty quiet - there were a couple of rough days/nights with both boys and I got a 24 hour bug which wasn't much fun, but once the sunshine came out and we were all feeling a little better, we took a much needed family day out at Happy Hollow; our local little park & zoo.

The big boy had a blast - and used up some pent up energy from being housebound all week. And the littlest... Well, he slept through the entire outing! I think he was making up for a looooong awake period the day before.

Life with a newborn & an energetic toddler is tiring, but we're enjoying getting out and about in the local area while Mitch is on holidays while also getting in some much needed rest... I only wish Mitch could be on holidays for longer!

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  1. I think I just had that same bug too :( Ugh! Glad you are feeling better and getting out and about. All the pictures of the baby are precious!

  2. Another family trip, more pictures. You're putting me to shame Luana. Shame I say.

    Glad you're enjoying Mitch's holiday! Peyton didn't take one yet since he works at home and kind of helps here and there, but he's taking tomorrow and Friday off which we are all looking forward to. :)


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