Friday, April 18, 2014

Out of the mouth of babes {2 years, 8 months}

Quotes I don't want to forget - Mr Oliver, at 2 years & 8 months:

When referring to Austin: That's my baby. He came here to play with me.

After asking for a snack, and seeing me walk to the fridge (ie where there's no museli bars or cookies): NO. Snacks are NOT in the fridge. NO. Snacks are in the CUPBOARD.

Talking to Aunty Kim in the car: When I get bigger, I go to school. I go on school bus with Daddy. And Mummy. And you.

When Austin is crying: NO! I don't wike that noise!

While admiring the big kid Lego in Target: When I get really really bigger, maybe I can buy this.

When visiting me in hospital after Austin was born (and climbing up on the bed and lifting up my shirt): Your tummy is flat now.

When asked what he wanted to do for the day (the kid loves to shop like his mama!): Lets go to the shops!

Oliver: I want a huggle.
Me: Come here then, I'd love a hug!
Oliver: NO! I don't want to huggle YOU. I want to huggle baby Austin. Give him to me!

Talking to Austin (after Mitch made Ollie his daily special 'coffee' drink - ie frothed milk or a babycino as we Aussies call it): Maybe when you get bigger, you have special coffee drink too. And we can drink it together.

When I'm singing in the car: NO Mummy, stop singing. I want to hear music. Stop!

Love this little chatterbox :-)

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  1. Too funny! When my youngest starts talking, I'll have this to look forward too!


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