Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Weekend goodness: Easter 2014

I have to say, Easter is probably the one holiday in the USA that has disappointed me. This year was our third Easter over here and although public holidays and tasty treats are not the true reason for this season, Easter just doesn't feel right without a nationwide 4 day weekend and hot cross buns (although, after baking up a batch on the weekend I DID find some at Sprouts today - a weird, yellow looking scone with a sweet frosted cross on top being sold as 'hot cross buns'. It's far from the real deal!).

This year was our first Easter as a family of four. We kicked off the weekend with a friends birthday party...

Followed by an Easter egg hunt at the local elementary school...

On Easter Sunday we were woken up by a hungry baby at 5am & an over excited toddler who had wandered out of his bedroom and found his Easter basket...

Once the sun was up, a backyard egg hunt was in order...

Followed by a mad dash to get all 4 of us ready for church! Naturally, I couldn't resist my first opportunity to dress the kids in matching outfits!

With a busy week ahead, we decided to take it easy after church and spend the rest of the day 'relaxing' at home. Unfortunately, both littles had other ideas in mind...

Neither of these 2 cuties napped in the afternoon!!! It was a looooong, frustrating afternoon but thankfully ended well with an early bedtime for all :-)

Hope you all had a safe & happy Easter!

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  1. Thanks for the update, I always love to reqd your posts during breakfast (if Walter is not there) or in the train towards work :). The boys are growing! And look how proud Ollie is with his Easter eggs! I think theres a huge different about how he experiences all these parties and holidays compared to last year isnt it? I love the family pic too! Btw it looks like theres been no winter in Sunnyvale!!!! Have a good week when everything goes back to normal today!

  2. Love the pictures of your sweet boys! Their matching outfits are adorable! You look great, Mama!

  3. Aww, matching oufits! How cute! My mom has tons of pics from when she was young in matching outfits with her sisters (4) and brother. Didn't last too long but I bet you can get away with it for a few more years. haha Happy (belated) Easter!


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