Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Weekend goodness @ Sonoma Valley

I've been dying to get back up to wine country since the littlest was born. Seriously. The first and last time we visited Napa I was heavily pregnant and the weather was downright miserable. We still had a fun trip, but lets face it - you're not getting the true winery experience when you're 36 weeks pregnant. We had a shipment ready to pick up from our favourite winery from our February trip, so on Saturday we decided to head up there for a picnic lunch, some tastings and also to visit the sister winery, Benziger.

The highlight of this winery was a kid friendly activity - a tractor tour through the vineyards & cave! Mr Oliver was super excited...

Both boys were surprisingly good. Truly. We had a few people compliment Ollie on his behaviour and Austin was content to be snuggled up on me, or sleeping in the stroller or Ergo. And because Ollie was such a good kid while we tripped around the wineries, he got a little treat at the end of the day in the form of a visit to Sonoma Train Town to take a ride on a miniature train. I wouldn't rave about this place - it was pretty old and run down with very limited rides for toddlers, but for a train loving 2.5 year old, he was in heaven!

It was such a good day out - a long, 10 hour day (4 hours of which were spent in the car), but it actually felt like a real little getaway. I've been missing traveling recently - even in the midst of the newborn craziness, this mama wants to holiday. I can't wait for our next little adventure as a family of FOUR!

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  1. Looks like a great day! Glad you got to get away, even if only for a day trip.


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