Sunday, June 22, 2014

Life lately

Although there haven't been any 'big' happenings lately, we've been keeping busy with little things here & there. I'm finding that getting out and about helps keep me sane with Ollie & Austin; we definitely need our down time, but I do like to keep busy. We are headed down to Palm Springs & San Diego this week for a little summer getaway, so before the inevitable influx of holiday photos in this space, I thought I'd play catch up on the past few weeks via the iPhone - the only way I seem to get photos these days.

A few weeks back, we discovered a local food truck gathering. The trucks change weekly and after having now been three Thursday nights in a row, I'm thinking I'm liking this new summer tradition. Not having to cook once a week is fine by me, even if some of the food choices have been heart attack worthy (read: waffle, bacon, fried chicken, egg, honey, waffle aka a waffle sandwich).

The weather has been particularly summery (although a lot of the time the temps here are the same as they are in Qld. Where it's currently winter) so we've done a couple of beach trips, including my first alone - well, with a friend but without our husbands - beach day with both boys. Hoping to make this a weekly summer activity as there are so many beautiful beaches within an hours drive.

We've enjoyed backyard picnics - some on our own, some with friends...

We ended up having use of a friends firepit after a girls night in here (and have since purchased our own - Happy Father's Day, Mitch!) and have had fun making s'mores - not to mention sitting by the fire with a glass of red after the kiddos are in bed...

We've also enjoyed an afternoon by the pool - baby Austin's first swim!

I made it through my first week alone with the boys while Mitch was in Finland. There was a particularly hard night where I thought we were going to end up in the ER, but otherwise we survived. Done it once, now I'm more prepared for next time. We were all pretty happy when this guy got home though!

We bought a membership to Happy Hollow, our local park & zoo earlier this year so I've been trying to make the most of that. Ollie LOVES rides, but you'd never know by his serious face!

We finally got Austin's social security number, applied for his birth certificate (it took MONTHS before all of this happened, it's not at all efficient here like in Holland) and put in his passport application a couple of weeks ago. American passport first, then we'll deal with getting his Australian citizenship & finally his Aussie passport. Trying to get a photo where his eyes were open and he WASN'T smiling turned out to be a difficult task!

Life lately. It's kinda crazy with two boys underfoot, but fun. Every day is different. I think this photo best sums up my life right now though - the constant blur of the energetic almost three year old and the content little chunkster.

They sure do keep me on my toes, but I love these boys so much I could burst :-)

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