Sunday, July 20, 2014

Life lately

July so far has been a busy, but fun month.

We had a quiet 4th of July - we were all feeling exhausted from our trip down south and decided to just lay low for the weekend. We did make it out of the house though for our local neighbourhood bike decorating & parade. It was really sweet!

We got Austin's USA passport back in the mail - for the second time, mind you. The first time they spelled his name wrong so we had to get it corrected. I had been umming and ahhing for ages on when to take my next trip to Australia (and introduce baby Austin to everyone), but after getting his passport back I finally made a decision: September. This September. On my own with a toddler & baby!!! Yes, call me crazy lady tackling those flights alone. It'll be worth it though, especially as Mitch will be overseas himself for work.

July is our month of Aussie visitors, and we kicked it off with the arrival of one of my oldest friends - we've been close since we were 15, meeting in the early weeks of Grade 11. She brought a lovely friend with her (also from the same small Qld town Mitch and I grew up in!), I was super excited to introduce them to our little chunky monkey.

Seeing as we couldn't all fit into our car, we caught the train into the city the weekend they were here. My fitbit calculated that we walked almost 15km all over San Francisco that day! Even with all the walking, we caught cable cars & street trolleys around the city - no easy feat with the huge Baby Jogger double stroller, but we did it. Ollie was in transportation heaven.

Of course, it wouldn't have been a visit with Meags without a spot of shopping... Amazingly, we managed to get in 5hrs at the mall with both boys in tow. There were no meltdowns. Truly, amazing. We definitely made the most of it and filled the car boot with goodies - yay for sales!

July has been a great month already, and with a Disney trip, more visitors & Lake Tahoe - there's only more fun ahead! Oh, how I love summer!

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