Saturday, August 9, 2014

Back to my happy place

In Australia, it's Noosa. In our current home, it's Lake Tahoe. My happy place...

I'll never pass up an opportunity to visit this beautiful lake only a few hours drive from home. We took a trip here with our most recent visitors from Australia a couple of weeks ago; only days after coming home from Disneyland. The traffic was awful and what should've been a 4 hour trip took almost 6.5. I gotta admit, I was feeling pretty cranky by the time we arrived. The kiddos were sick of being in the car and so was I.

But as soon as we hit the beach, I just waded on into that big ol' lake with the littlest and relaxed. Ah. Fresh, mountain air. Pine trees. Water.... My happy place.

You know, we've been here enough times now that our 'big' camera didn't really make much of an appearance. I think I snapped more photos on my phone than the Canon! But, we did spend some time lakeside...

Enjoyed lots of yummy food (including my all time South Lake Tahoe fav, Base Camp Pizza!)...

And we even did something that we hadn't done since our very first trip to Lake Tahoe in July 2012. We went inland a little to Squaw Valley, and took the aerial tram up to high camp. It was just as spectacular as I remember.

One of the reasons why I had wanted to go up to high camp was to hit the pool. The house we rented didn't have a pool or hot tub, and the lake is usually kinda freezing to swim in (amazingly, it wasn't too bad this year). I got to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon by the pool at 8,200ft with my boys and our besties and it was kinda slightly awesome :-) Baby Austin even enjoyed a dip!

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