Wednesday, August 20, 2014

RAWR! Mr Oliver is 3!!!

This past weekend, our big boy turned THREE! He was super excited about his birthday this year, starting the day at 6.15am asking for presents ;-) Just like last year, we hid his presents over the house. He had fun looking for them - and once he was finished, he told Mitch and I to go find our presents now... Funny boy :-)

I had been undecided for months as to what to do for his party this year. I started planning out another big party, but honestly - the thought of so many people, the decorating, all the preparation was stressing me out. What I really wanted was just to do a small family party, but seeing as our family is on the other side of the globe, we got together with some of our surrogate family instead. It was perfect. Just a handful of Ollie's closest buddies, a BBQ dinner, pinata & cake; low key & not too overwhelming for the birthday boy.

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