Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Weekend goodness - glamping, round 2

This past weekend we headed down south to Santa Cruz for another glamping experience. Last year we took the same trip with these friends from my mothers group/church, and I'm thinking it should be an annual trip.

The adults got to hang out, the kids had a blast playing non stop - with a giant bouncy pillow, sandpit, mini golf, pool, playground & train, the KOA is a kids dream.

On our second night, we enjoyed a potluck feast. The spread was pretty amazing!

And we finally got some cute group pictures of our kiddos. Last year we tried to make this happen and it was disastrous.

Love these kiddos, and their parents too - I'm so thankful for our little village.

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  1. Love this! What a great weekend. And I clicked on the link to last year's pic of the kids. So neat to see how much they have grown in a year. Love you guys...


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