Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Second time mama

Some days, I feel like Supermum. Nothing can phase me. I have it all under control. But other days, I feel like I'm barely keeping my head above water.

Some days, my house is clean. The groceries have been shopped for. My big boy is playing quietly by himself. The baby is sleeping peacefully. I'm wearing something remotely coordinated that doesn't belong in a gym. But most days, the TV is blaring. My big boy thinks my little boy is something to practice high jumping over. The littlest insists that the only place he is happy to sleep is on my chest. The washing basket is overflowing. And I'm covered in regurgitated milk. Not that I realise it of course until we've made it to Target and the three year old gleefully lets me and the rest of the store know at the top of his sweet little voice that there is a trail of milk curds running down the side of my yoga pants.

This mothering gig is so rewarding, but can be ever so frustrating at the same time. Having two kids feels like the new normal and has done for awhile; I feel like Austin has always been a part of our family. He's a real sweetheart and I'd be kidding myself if I thought he's a difficult baby, but still - learning how to juggle both boys has most definitely been a learning curve. They are at completely different stages but both still have quite immediate needs to be met. I love the age gap we have between the boys, but Oliver was only 2.5 when Austin was born; in the grand scheme of things, he's still so little. Some days can be rough. The sweet moments make up for all the difficult ones, but the transition from one to two has been exhaustingly eye opening.

But at the end of the day; 6 months into my updated role as mama of two littles, life is sweet. The most important thing I've learnt? Every. Single. Day is different. Each morning is a fresh start. We have bad days. But we also have really good ones. And those sweet moments sure do remind me that being a stay at home Mum is the best career move I've ever made.

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  1. Beautiful post.
    I remember a friend asking me about having two right after Lolo was born and I MEANT to say, "it's awfully hard!", but I just blurted " IT"S AWFUL!". Of course, all these years later, I can see it was a beautiful mess. xoxo

  2. That is the sweetest photo of the three of you!

  3. Girl, I am there with you! The transition from one kid to two seemed natural, but alsoridiculously difficult.Best and toughest job ever.

  4. I know exactly how you feel. I just had my second 6 months ago :)


  5. So very true!! It's soo hard, but soo good. How can it be both all at once, all the time? But somehow it is! I love that photo of the three of you! So very sweet. xo


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