Thursday, September 11, 2014

Six months {Austin Mitchell}

No, no, no - how is our little baby Austin half a year old already?!?! Well, technically not until tomorrow (the 11th) but seeing as we lose a day flying to Australia and will be somewhere over the pacific ocean at that time, I decided to celebrate his half birthday a day early.

Austin doesn't have his 6 month checkup until after we return from Australia, so I'm not sure on his weight/length. He's filling out size 9 month clothing however and size 3 nappies.

We have TEETH! Two little pearly whites appeared within days of each other last month (finally - teething has been hard work) on the bottom gums which you can kind of see in this photo.

He's rolling all over the place and flapping around like a fish out of water on his tummy to try and go get toys, but not crawling. Given Ollie didn't start army crawling until 9 months, I'm not expecting movement in a hurry. He's still not a true sitter yet either, but he's working on his gorilla pose.

I feel like the older my kids get, the worse their sleeping gets. Ollie was a fantastic sleeper until he hit 4 months (he then didn't sleep through again until 18 months) and I feel like Austin is starting to follow in his footsteps. This month has been tough. We've gone from practically sleeping through the night to 45 min wakeups from midnight on. I don't know if it's from teething, a wonder week, or what the go is, but this mama is exhausted. Bedtime has become harder also, he's really struggling to self settle nowadays.

Same old, same old during the day - 8am, 12 noon, 4pm & 7.30pm. We've added in overnights now though - I couldn't even say how many, but it's usually a quick comfort feed to settle him. Not much else seems to work nowadays, he just wants the comfort of mama close & milk. He unofficially started solids a couple of days ago - using the laid back, fun baby led weaning approach that we took with Oliver. So far, so good but more to come on that in another post!

Best moment...
Hearing Ollie refer to Austin as 'little fella'. It just sounds so Aussie and makes me smile - these boys really are sweet together, Austin is always looking to see where Ollie is and and Ollie is forever trying to 'play' with his baby brother. Only a couple of days ago they were playing a game of peekaboo where Austin was lifting the burp cloth up and down and grinning at Ollie at the appropriate moment while Ollie added in the sound effects. Seeing them interact together so nicely makes me one happy mama.

Worst moment...
When Mitch was away last week, the boys were excellent during the day. Bedtime/overnights however left a lot to be desired and Austin in particular was really struggling to go down at night. One night it took me 2 hours to get him to sleep - he'd scream his little lungs out whenever I left the room, but start laughing when I came back in. Like, really truly laughing. Frustrating, much? As bad as his sleep has been lately, I'm trying to just be laid back about it given we are about to go to Australia and mess up his routine with the change in time zone etc. When we get home at the end of the month however, we've got some sleep issues to work through and I feel it might be time for Austin to *gulp* move into his own room. As a co-sleeping family, this will be a HUGE change but he's a very light/restless sleeper unlike Oliver as a baby, so I think it might be the right move. We'll see how it goes though; it certainly isn't practical right now with overnight feedings.

At 6 months old, Austin's favourite things are: (1) Big brother Ollie (2) Mama milk (3) Daddy snuggles (4) Bathtime!

Having us walk out of the room. Seeing Ollie upset. Bathtime ending!

Happy half birthday, sweet baby Austin. At only 6 months old, you've already brought so much joy to our lives. You truly do light up the room - you have this sweet smile that stretches from ear to ear with the biggest dimples. A smile that you love to flash at your family, friends and even complete strangers, making them melt; you are social little guy and love the attention! You are our little ray of sunshine, Austin Mitchell. We love you and can't wait to introduce you to your extended family in just a matter of hours!

Austin at 1 month2 months3 months4 months & 5 months...

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  1. He's so cute! Have a good trip back home :)

  2. Such fantastic photos!!!
    What a cheeky monkey-- I love kissing his face off!!!!


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