Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Gympie House

It's not a trip to Australia without spending a significant chunk of time at my childhood home... aka The Gympie House. It's not just an ordinary house, but a special place indeed - a unique pole house in the Aussie bush, filled with great memories & family time.

Ollie enjoyed seeing kangaroos daily & going for walks around the neighbourhood with GranJohn. One morning they walked through the paddocks where I used to ride my horses as a kid, Ollie with his stick 'boomerang' in hand looking for a kangaroo to catch.

We also enjoyed time with the rest of the family (hooray for school holidays!)...

Lunches and coffees and shopping trips to town...

Many (many) Aussie treats - Tim Tams, meat pies, fish & chips, lamingtons and Kinder Surprise (banned in the USA!) just to name a few...

Catching up with high school friends...

Welcoming the newest member to the family - Murphy (aka smurfie), an 18 month old Cairn Terrier rescue dog and a real sweetheart. Any dog that can handle my bold three year old is a keeper!

And we also had many, many restless nights with jetlagged kiddos. Topped off with some strange virus, of course! Because it wouldn't be a trip to Australia without one of us getting sick.

I know I'm going to blink and we'll have already booked our next trip back, but it scares me to think of just how much bigger Austin will be then. He'll be walking and talking and well into the realm of toddlerhood. Although the travel alone felt kinda crazy, I'm so very glad I took the trip while he was still a baby. There were fantastic memories made for us all, and seeing Ollie loving playing with his cousins and becoming Grandad John's shadow just made the trip for me.

We miss the Gympie house already... 'til next year!

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