Monday, October 20, 2014

Seven months {Austin Mitchell}

Baby Austin is 7 months (+ 1 week) - we really are on that countdown to ONE now!

At his delayed 6 month checkup, Austin weighed in at 17lbs 11oz and measured 28 inches. He's in size 3 nappies and 9 month clothing / 0 clothing although we still have a couple of pairs of 6 month pants that fit.

Austin is now a confident sitter! It's opened up a whole new world for him. He loves to sit up with Ollie and play nowadays - just a few days ago they were 'playing' Duplos together and it was super sweet, not to mention the joy of having them both self entertained at once (it did last all of about 5 mins though before Austin attempted to eat Ollie's creations and meltdowns followed).

Our biggest milestone this past month however has been the start of the babbling!!!! Austin is super vocal and I LOVE it! He says mama - mostly when upset, and has started making duh and buh noises too. I love his sweet little voice so much already :-)

Ummmm..... Sleep? Gonna have to remind me what that is again. It's honestly non existent these days; this has been a really hard month. I think the combination of jetlag + teething + sickness has been rather unfortunate. He slept TERRIBLY in Australia (bed at 6.30pm and usually awake again at 8pm and often not back to sleep until 2, 3, even 4am) and has been waking up every 30-60 minutes overnight since being home. Night after night after night. It's been hard; I'm so tired it makes me nauseous, but that's life with a baby + toddler I suppose.

I feel like a broken record complaining about sleep (and kinda guilty, because we had such an easy sleeper for the first 6 months), but it's truly been exhausting these past weeks. Austin has also become quite clingy to me, I know it's a phase but it means that he doesn't settle as easily with Mitch and usually just wants me to be on tap all. night. long to resettle as he no longer takes a dummy. Naps are also really hit & miss, it all depends on what time he wakes up in the morning - we're not really back in routine yet. He's had one day where he napped for 2 hours straight, but usually it's twice a day for only 20mins before he's wide awake again and resistant to all resettling attempts. He will fall asleep in the car but wakes as soon as the car turns off.

Anyway, we just keep on pushing through and I dream of the day that we'll all sleep again, because I just don't know what else to do. With sickness and teething (his top teeth are bulging, I'm expecting them to cut through any day now), it's hard to try and find a rhythm again. Honestly, we are just in survival mode when it comes to sleep these days. It's a phase, it's a phase, it's a phase... Right?

We're still on the same old, same old 4 hourly breastfeeding schedule with a few extra overnight. We had our first real breastfeeding hiccup this month however, and it was a painful one. Austin had been a bit nippy for a few days - testing the waters, biting while feeding. Ollie had done the same thing and although it wasn't fun, we moved through it pretty quickly and without any real damage. After one particularly painful bite (on our first night away at Tahoe mind you), I had immediately detached him as usual and then saw blood on the front of his pjs. The little ratbag had not only sliced me straight across, he had also taken a CHUNK out. A chunk. Gone. Seriously. I breastfed Ollie exclusively until 16 months and still want to do the same for Austin but BOY I was not impressed. I sent Mitch straight to the pharmacy for antibiotic ointment and thankfully managed to avoid an infection, but it's an experience I hope we don't repeat.

And in terms of solids, they are well and truly underway. Bubba boy loves his food! We've been doing a mix of BLW + some purees. His favourites so far would have to be sweet potato, steamed pear slices & yoghurt. The only thing he's really not liked is broccoli and zucchini (disappointing, as these were Ollie's 2 favourite veggies and so easy for BLW!). Oh, and he LOVES Aussie teething rusks - if that counts as food. I'm kicking myself for not bringing back more packets as you can't get the same ones in the USA.

Best moment...
This selfie was a sweet one. We were taking a break on the drive home from Lake Tahoe, Ollie and Mitch had gone out for a bathroom break and I had been feeding Austin in the car. I held him up for a selfie and voila... The sly but sweet look on his face as he gazes at me just makes me smile every time. He's a Mumma's boy these days.

Worst moment...
It was a few days rather than a moment; Austin had his first real sickness with a fever of 102-103 for almost 3 days. I took him to the doctor who assured me it was just flu and there wasn't anything we could do but give tylenol and wait for him to get over it. He was right - as of Friday morning, we were fever free HOORAY! But it did feel like a really long time for a temperature. He was burning up every couple of hours when the meds would wear off and only wanted to be held in close to my chest. He didn't want Dadda, he didn't want food, he didn't want anything but mama snuggles. He's normally such a content little guy, it was hard seeing him so unhappy. I think his eyes say it all :-(

Mama. Mama. Mama - he's very attached these days!

Sleep. Naps. Closing his eyes. Being more than 1 metre away from me.

Oh, sweet baby Austin. This has most definitely been your hardest month. You were such a little trooper flying all the way to and from Australia, but your routine and sleep has completely gone out the window. It's been rough seeing you so unsettled this past month, with teething, sickness & just plain ol' exhaustion, but you still crack your winning smile whenever you can. We love you, sweet bubba boy. Happy seven months!

Austin at 1 month2 months3 months4 months5 months & 6 months...

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  1. SEVEN MONTHS?! Wasn't he JUST in your belly?! He just looks like the sweetest, happiest baby, and OHMYGOSH those cheeks!! <3


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