Monday, October 6, 2014

To the sea - Noosa, Australia

Since getting the travel bug when I was 20, I've been to a lot of different places. A lot of key tourist sights, some more off the beaten track destinations, and a lot of beaches. The beautiful shores of Greece, Croatia, Fiji, Vanuatu, Italy, France, just to name a few. I have to say though, nothing compares to an Aussie beach for me. Nothing. Not even the famous coastline of California.

My favourite place in the whole world would have to be Noosa. I grew up only 45 mins north of this beachside town and spent family holidays here most years. We'd often get a penthouse, my Dad dropping off my Mum, sisters & I for the week (while he went camping or something less glamourous & more up his alley, no doubt). We'd eat out, swim, go shopping, go to the movies. Year laters, when Mitch and I were dating, we'd often go spend the day at Noosa, and we even kicked off our honeymoon here. In our early years of marriage, both uni students, we'd save up our earnings from our part time jobs and spend a night or two away here. In fact, many of our wedding anniversaries (including an early celebration of our 10th) have been celebrated in Noosa!

So, it's no surprise that my parents & I took the boys on a trip to Noosa while we were in Australia. It was a glorious, sunny day!

There were scrub turkeys on the boardwalk...

Jellyfish galore...

Austin loved getting his toes dirty in the wet sand...

As did I...

We had brunch at my favourite restaurant - Bistro C...

Icecream from the BEST (even compared to the real deal in Italy) gelato shop, Massimos. Rocher & hazelnut are always my picks, while Ollie is more of a mango fan...

And of course, spent some time strolling Hastings street & enjoying a spot of shopping.

When I think of what I miss in Australia year round, Noosa is the first thing that comes to mind (after family & friends, of course). It's a really special spot - filled with so many great memories for me, and now for my little family also :-)

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  1. Goodness, I want to be there so badly right now!


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