Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Eight months {Austin Mitchell}

EIGHT months (+ 1 week)!!! I'm pleased to report that this past month has been MUCH more pleasant. I feel like we have our happy, smiley bubba back again. It's amazing what a difference sleep can make (to mama AND baby!).

At just four months shy of his first birthday, baby Austin...

I'm not sure on his weight/height as he isn't due for a checkup until he's a year old (and I haven't gotten around to measuring him myself), but he's in size 3 nappies still and mostly 9 month/size 1 clothing, although a few 12 month pieces have started creeping in. Although I'm not sure of Ollie's measurements at this same age, I know Austin is much bigger as he is starting to grow out of PJs that Ollie was still wearing at 14 months. He's not crazy huge, but he sure is my little chunker!

{army} crawling has begun. He can only go backwards mind you, although with a bit of speed. He's forever getting himself wedged under the couch and gets incredibly frustrated as he wants nothing more than to go forwards but hasn't figured it out yet.

Two more teeth have popped through, bringing the grand total up to four. The two teeth on either side of the top middle ones are also bulging, so I suspect they're not too far off either.

He's still babbling as much as ever and saying mama - as clear as a bell and the buh noises have come together to sound like bubba. He often grabs Ollie while saying it :-) These boys really do love each other already!

Oh. My. Goodness. Where to start... This past month has been life changing in the sleep department. I've really come to learn just how different two babies can be, even brothers. Long story short: we got desperate and made some pretty significant changes to his routine. Austin has gone from waking up HOURLY overnight (for almost 2 months) to now self settling and only waking once or twice a night.

Both boys are now in bed by 7pm - Austin might cry for a few minutes, then goes right off to sleep. He wakes up at 2am for a feed, I feed him, put him back down awake and he puts himself back to sleep. Then wakes up at 5am (thank you daylight savings time ending) BUT if we bring him into bed with us he snuggles up and goes right back to sleep until around 7am. I'm up for the gym at 6am Mon-Fri so it can be a challenge not waking him when I'm getting out of bed & getting ready, but still - it's working.

He's also finally on a nap schedule. 2 x a day - I've implemented the 2/3/4 rule and it's worked really well. It seems Austin really thrives off more of a rigid schedule, whereas Ollie was a lot more flexible. He goes down for his first nap 2 hours after waking and sleeps from 9am until 9.30/9.45. Next nap is 3 hrs later - he goes down around 1pm and sleeps until around 3pm. Then bed at 7pm. He still needs to be rocked to sleep for his naps, but I'm ok with that given he's self settling at night and doing so much better. I really don't mind the extra snuggles :-)

So, other than Thursdays & Sundays (my mothers group & church) where it's not possible to be on that schedule, we're in a routine. And it's working really well. Believe me, we are a much happier household these days now that we are getting some sleep.

It feels like solids have really taken off this past month. We've still been doing BLW (with some purees - Ollie never had a pouch until he was 11 months old but with 2 kids and being out and about all the time, I've been using them for conveniences sake here and there) and I feel like Austin has gone from mostly playing with a little eating to just now demolishing everything put in front of him.

At 8 months, a typical day starts with porridge & yoghurt for breakfast. Toast fingers or a sandwich for lunch, usually with either avocado or cream cheese. A side of fruit. Some snacks here & there - rice crackers, cheese, yoghurt, cheese, puffs. Whenever Ollie is snacking, he likes to be in on the action. And for dinner, he's entirely on family meals. He loves pasta in any form EXCEPT spaghetti. He likes chicken & beef mince. He's not a huge fan of rice. He loves vegies - last month he wasn't a fan of greens, but now he's gobbling them up.

So far, I feel like we've been very lucky to get another 'good' eater. He's still breastfeeding every 4 hours, although I feel like he's starting to lose interest in that late afternoon feed. Ollie dropped that feed at 9 months, I wouldn't be surprised if Austin is similar. He takes a bottle of pumped milk occasionally but like with Ollie, I'm still planning on breastfeeding for as long as possible - until he weans himself.

Best moment...
Soooo... The boys were playing together on the floor. Ollie {ahem} farted. Loudly. In Austin's face. Austin laughed. He laughed so ridiculously hard he fell over. And just kept on laughing. Ahhh... Life with boys, huh!

Worst moment...
There haven't been any standout moments - this little guy has been super easy going again lately. There have definitely been those challenging moments though - where Ollie is frustrated with him. When Austin has been sick (poor kiddo still has a yukky cough). When his teeth have been bothering him. But overall, it's been a good month.

--- Playing 'where's Austin?' (aka peekaboo) --- Watching balls get thrown or dropped (he gets kinda hysterical laughing) --- Playing with his big bro --- Swinging at the park --- Duplo --- Mama ---

--- Being put in his capsule. I've just ordered Ollie a booster, so he'll be getting upgraded now to a convertible carseat. I'm hoping he likes it, although he's usually only made while he's being put in and is fine once the car is moving ---- Having anything taken off him. Ollie snatching a toy = screaming fit --- Getting into his grobag ---

Happy eight months, our handsome baby Austin. Everyone is always commenting on what a little sweetheart you are, especially with that great big smile - I couldn't agree more. We all love you, sweet bubba boy!

Austin at 1 month2 months3 months4 months5 months6 months & 7 months...
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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I heart California

Places like this remind me why I love living in California...

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Life lately

The past month has felt busy with lots of random little things - nothing huge, but somehow I've blinked and we're almost a week into November. Life lately - via the iPhone...

There's a vacant lot in our neighbourhood where they set up a tiny pumpkin patch & jumping castles for the kiddos. My neighbour and I walked the boys down there one rainy afternoon - it was wet and kinda miserable but other than a couple of little mishaps on the slippery tarp, they had fun!

Our church had it's annual trunk or treat the weekend before Halloween. The boys got to wear their dinosaur costumes for the first time!

Baby Austin also wore his first real little man outfit to church that day. It was SUPER cute!

We've had a bit of sickness in the house - first Austin, then Mitch, followed by Ollie (thankfully this mama has stayed reasonably healthy!) so I had to get creative with things to do while we were housebound. I remembered the makeshift ball pit I made for Ollie during our first winter here, ordered some new balls, cleaned out the baby pool and voila - 2 happy boys!

Speaking of sickness, after months of research, I finally decided to bite the bullet and get started with Young Living Essential Oils. I'd heard so many good things about their 'thieves' concoction, I figured it was worth giving their starter kit a try - especially that Ollie is now in preschool during the sick season. I'll write more on this one after I've been using them for awhile longer.

I hosted a Noonday Collection trunk show the night before Halloween. Haven't heard of Noonday? It's a fantastic company that helps bring people in impoverished countries out of poverty. I love fun jewelry and it's a really good feeling to purchase with purpose and know that you are supporting these artisans. A good friend of mine is a Noonday ambassador and having been to a couple of shows previously, I decided it was time to host one myself.

I took a couple of photos of the setup before everyone arrived and then promptly forgot where I put my phone!

For Halloween this year, we had a few friends join us for an early pizza dinner before going trick or treating in our neighbourhood. With 11 toddlers + adults, it was kinda chaotic but lots of fun! Our neighbourhood really gets into the festive spirit and not only decorates, but puts on a block party with a band, games etc.

And somehow it was November...

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