Monday, December 1, 2014

Life lately

It's hard to believe it's very nearly December! Christmas is by far my favourite season and with a holiday in NYC coming up, I'm excited about what this next month has in store. Life lately via the iPhone...

I took a big step this month - leaving BOTH boys overnight for the first time to go on a girls weekend in Napa! With a limo tour, lots of tasty wine, good food & great company, it was a really refreshing getaway.

I've only ever left Ollie 4 times since he was born (for Vegas, a girls weekend at the beach, an overnight with Mitch for our anniversary and then Austin's birth) and had never spent a night away from Austin. Given he actually takes a bottle, I knew it was a possibility but still was a little nervous leaving my clingy little guy. Mitch is a champ though! While I was off enjoying the weekend in Napa with friends, he had everything under control. They played mini golf with friends, went to the park, the car wash... I came home to a happy household :-)

I had a blast but it was so nice to come home to my crazy, sweet boys. Getting breaks here & there - whether it's a MNO, a pedicure, a trip alone to Target or even something bigger like a girls weekend away really helps me switch off and recharge. I love being a stay at home Mum more than I had ever imagined, but still so appreciate these little breaks when they come up.

This past weekend has been a long one for Thanksgiving - four whole days off! We decided not to make any plans and just enjoy time at home; given whenever Mitch takes holidays we go away somewhere, it was nice to just have a mini staycation :-) Ollie had best friend day at preschool on Wednesday, and was thrilled to have Dadda come in for snack & a mini performance.

We were all sick for Thanksgiving, but enjoyed a belated friendsgiving a few days later...

... and baby Austin sure was excited about his first Thanksgiving feast!

See you later November - bring on December and all the Christmas fun!

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  1. Great pics!
    I totally stole the one from Friendsgiving!
    Now, go get your ticket for Jen Hatmaker!


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