Monday, December 29, 2014

Life lately {the silly season}

December is always a busy month, but for some reason this one seemed to go by particularly fast. Life lately...

We kicked off the silly season with Mr Oliver having his first ever school Christmas performance! He was a (very shy) Christmas tree.

Mitch had a short work trip away, and the boys and I kept busy (forever indoors - December was a bit soggy!) with lots of crafting and baking. Ollie learnt how to write his name 'all by myself'. He still struggles a little with the V E R but loves to practice. He started drawing people as stick figures this month and drew a fun portrait of me. Mummy the monster...

We decorated cookies (an American Christmas tradition, it seems) multiple times, much to Ollie's delight.

We visited Santa at Stanford Mall - not once, but twice. The first time we went on a weekend and the lines were too long. I'm glad I took the boys back during the week because this Santa was pretty darn awesome.

We had a lovely visit from my brother-in-law, Craig who had a long layover at SFO on a work trip. Ollie was VERY excited about Uncle Craig coming although a little disappointed his cousins weren't in tow.

We visited local German Christmas markets - nothing at all like the real deal, but a fun little outing all the same.

Ollie and I decorated a gingerbread house - the kit from Trader Joes was really cute!

We had A LOT of rain, including the 'storm of the year' (which really was just a whole lot of rain. Not a real storm in my opinion!). The upside to lots of rain though - other than the obvious need in this drought stricken state - was lots of pretty rainbows, one of which I managed to capture.

And just before our Christmas trip to New York city (more to come on that one!), we did a little pre-Christmas, Christmas morning under our tree for the boys.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

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  1. Lu, great to see the photos of excited boys and look forward to the New York ones love Mum and Dad

  2. Lovely photos! Merry christmas:)


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