Thursday, December 4, 2014

Out of the mouth of babes {Oliver, 3 years 3 months}

A few random quotes I don't want to forget - Mr Oliver at 3 years, 3 months...

When told we were going to his friend Emeline & Kate's new house: did they take their old house back to the shop?

Correcting my Aussie-ness when I told him to throw something in the 'rubbish': no, Mummy. I throw it in the trash can.

His opinion on expanding our family: baby Austin is getting really really bigger. We need another baby. 2 babies. Then they can talk to each other. Mummy, can you have another baby in your belly?

Evening prayer on a Thursday (mothers group day): dear God. Thank you for mothers together. Thank you for park. Thank you for my friends. Amen!

Oh, this boy. This big boy. Every day he is seeming more and more kid and less like a toddler. He's a real little chatterbox, but only in one on one or small group situations. Put him in a crowd and he's quiet and shy.

He's fiercely protective of his baby brother - he stands guard over the stroller and won't let any of his friends get close to Austin, exclaiming that's MY baby. He wants to play with Austin constantly and is always chatting to him and trying to involve him in play; it's super sweet. He has all these grand plans for him & Austin in the future.

He likes to keep busy and asks what the full plan is for the day every morning. He loves playing with his friends - especially at the park - and at home loves playing Legos or doing craft. He's craft obsessed actually - every afternoon while Austin is napping, we create something together at his request.

He started swimming lessons in October and is progressing really well. I wasn't sure how he'd go given I'm not in there with him - instead watching from behind a glass wall, but there have been no tears and he looks forward to his lessons. He's gone from zero water skills to now being able to paddle a short distance, float on his back by himself, dive to the bottom of the pool to retrieve rings... I'm proud!

He goes to preschool 2 mornings a week now and is doing really well. He doesn't like to sing or dance (takes after his mama, much?) but loves stories, playtime and craft time. Oh, and snack. This boy is a bottomless pit! His favourite food is apples. He likes them whole and would happily munch a whole bag in a sitting if he was allowed.

His accent is developing. We've really noticed a change since he started school - it's a definite mix of Aussie and American nowadays and I can see him trying out different ways to say words. Some days it's zeeeebra, other days it's zeb-rah. Particular words (anything ending with an R sound) are full on American sounding though and while it's strange hearing that accent come out of my little Dutch-Aussie kiddo, we love it all the same.

I like this age. The twos were pretty challenging with our Oliver, but three has been a super sweet age so far. It's fun; he's my real little buddy. We love you, our sweet Oliver John!

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