Friday, January 9, 2015

New York: escaping the crazy

Boxing Day was probably our most relaxed day in New York. It was nice to escape the crowds of midtown for the day and spend some time exploring what felt like a much more livable area. Friends of ours from Australia are living in NY so on Boxing Day, we had our own local tour guides.

It's no secret that our big boy Oliver loves trains. He was already train mad around the time of his second birthday and almost 18 months later, the obsession is still going strong. I think our visit to the high line was probably his favourite part of our New York trip (well, other than the toy store of course!) - he had fun running along the old railway line and discovering the chairs that rolled along the tracks.

Although I'm sure it's not the case in summer, the high line walk was really peaceful and relaxing after all the crowds we had been battling.

Right by the high line are the Chelsea Markets. I LOVED the industrial feel of this building and there was even an Aussie shop inside selling meat pies & sausage rolls.

We even managed a babycino (and vegemite toast) at lunchtime for Oliver at a nearby cafe run by Aussies. Note: babycinos are unheard of here in the states, so this was a treat for our big boy.

Oliver even got some down time playing at one of the playgrounds at pretty Washington Square Park.

Many thanks to our lovely tour guides Ben & Jeni for hanging out with us for the day!

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