Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ten months {Austin Mitchell}

Ten months (+ 1 week)!

Stats... Austin is still wearing a few pieces of 9 month clothing, but has mostly moved into 12 month/size 1. Still haven't done a weigh in/measurement, I think we'll just leave it til his 12 month checkup as that's going to be here before we know it!

Milestones... At 10 months old, our bubba Austin is now on the move forwards. He's army crawling the right direction finally, has crawled on all fours a handful on times but his preferred method of mobility is the 3 limbed crawl/1 legged scoot. He looks super awkward, moving both arms and 1 leg like traditional crawling but with 1 leg just sitting under him. He's VERY happy though to be able to get around and get what he wants.

He loves to stand and can stand for a couple of seconds unaided before losing his balance. He loves holding my hand and slowly taking steps, and has started to push the little walker around, although it's too lightweight for him to pull himself up on.

Austin says mama, dada, bubba, moh (more) and num num plus a whole lot of babble. He also growls.... Mostly at Ollie :-)

He has EIGHT teeth! And believe me, they are razor sharp.

The biggest milestone this month however - Austin is finally an Australian citizen, YAY!

Sleeping... Sleep was horrendous in the weeks leading up to our New York trip (waking every couple of hours) and was pretty awful in the hotel room. Since we got home however, he's sleeping much better. Bed at 7pm, puts himself to sleep, wakes at 4am for a feed, puts himself back to sleep and up for the day at 7am. Some nights he will cry out a few times but we don't need to go in, some days he wakes up super early and won't go back to sleep but I feel like we're in a good enough pattern, even though he's not yet sleeping through the night.

We're on a great schedule for naps - 2 x a day, although he could probably survive without his morning nap now. Still doing the 2/3/4 rule, he's generally down for his morning nap by 9am and up by 10-10.30am, then afternoon nap around 1.30-3.30pm. The big change in this last month - he now self settles for naptime too! Up until the new year I was rocking him to sleep, but we started CIO for naptime too and within a day, he was putting himself to sleep for naps without any tears. I miss those sleepy snuggles BUT my back is thankful.

Eating... He's a carb machine. With all the eating out we've done the past month, Austin got to really discover the children's menu and he's a big fan of mac & cheese and grilled cheese. BIG fan. He still loves his vegies - peas being his current favourite, and his fav fruit would have to be either blueberries or banana.

Breastfeeding is still going strong although he's SO distracted nowadays and is super quick, 3 times a day and once overnight - 7am, 1pm, 7pm & 4am.

Best moment... The first time he crawled down the hallway... His little head poked around and the look on his face was pure awe as he realised he could finally get where he wants, when he wants (ie to the toys in Ollie's room).

Worst moment... He was doing his little one legged scoot, but had no pants on - his leg underneath him got stuck on the wooden floor and he face planted. He cried pretty big for a few seconds, then snuggled in to me. I didn't even realise anything was wrong until Ollie asked me what the red stuff on my shoulder was... Lots and lots and lots of blood :-( Poor kiddo. I was momentarily freaking out that he had damaged a tooth, but nope - just a lip injury.

Loves... Mama. Giving sloppy, open mouthed kisses. Biting. Crawling into his brothers room. Standing. Knocking down block towers. Chasing Ollie... His favourite thing though - poking his tongue out. It's forever hanging out of his mouth like a little puppy dog!

Dislikes... Jumpers. Jackets. Any kind of sleeve, really. Mittens, beanies, scarves (it was a battle every time we had to bundle him up to go outdoors in New York). Getting out of the bath.

Happy 10 months, our little ray of sunshine! Oh, how we all love you so!

Austin at 1 month2 months3 months4 months5 months6 months7 months8 months & 9 months...

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  1. He also loves the neck chub kisses from Auntie Kelley :) So glad I get to be a part of seeing him grow!


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