Thursday, March 19, 2015

Twelve months {Austin Mitchell}

The day has come for our final monthly update - last Wednesday, our sweet little Californian bear turned ONE!

At 12 months old, Austin Mitchell...

Stats... Austin weighs 19 lbs 6.5 oz (8.8 kg) and is 30.75 inches (78.1 cm) long. He's in 12-18 month (size 1) clothing and size 3 nappies. At his checkup today, the doctor said he's very tall for his age.

Milestones... One of his 12 month molars came through already, so we are at 9 teeth and counting. More are definitely on the way as his little hands are in his mouth constantly and he's been a little fussy. No new words in the last month, but a lot of babbling. He loves to wave and give hi fives. He's a super speedy crawler and is just starting to be able to stand without holding onto anything. He's cruising anything he can grab a hold of but I feel like walking is a little way off yet. He loves to walk when holding both hands (and zooms with his little walker) but just sits down on his bottom if you try to walk with him while just holding one hand. I don't mind if he delays walking til after Hawaii to be honest, as it'll make life a little easier if he's not on the run!

Sleeping... Sleep. Is. Wonderful. After such a rough patch around 6 months old, he's now consistently sleeping 12 hours every night. It's life changing, seriously. He will still take a morning nap if given the opportunity, but skips it on days like MT and church. Afternoon naps usually go from 1.30-3.30/4pm.

Eating... This boy eats almost as much as me some days, he LOVES his food. He's really not fussy and really enjoys mealtimes. His favourite foods would have to be corn on the cob - he practically starts hyperventilating when he sees it, and will gnaw all the corn off an entire corn cob - and blueberries.

We are still breastfeeding, although it's gone from our sweet snuggle time to breastfeeding what feels like a circus animal. Kid is crazy. He won't lay down on me, he sticks his bottom up in the air, he launches himself at me with an open mouth, he bites, he takes a mouthful, dances all over my lap and the couch, comes back for more. I'm DETERMINED to keep going though; he still feels too little to stop... I'm hoping this feeding craziness is just a phase.

Best moment... Ollie has started a new tradition where the first thing he does is go into Austin's room when he wakes up. He gives Austin toys and gets books out and sits there reading to him. It's so lovely to hear them 'talking' to each other, and just enjoying each others company peacefully (because as mothers of boys know, peaceful moments are a rarity).

Worst moment... Ollie went to the toilet: (1) He forgot to flush (2) He left the lid up. Austin immediately took advantage and was happily elbow deep in a dirty toilet.... It was a vomit worthy moment.

Loves... His family. Blowing raspberries. Throwing cheerios around. Chasing balls. His dummy. Bathtime. Crawling around with a sippy cup in his mouth. Pushing cars/trains along. Watching the fish in the big tank at swim lessons.

Dislikes... Being told no. Getting in the car.

Happy 12 months, our sweet baby Austin! It really has been a fast year, and you've been an absolute delight. You truly are a bundle of joy and just light up the room wherever you go. We love seeing your personality shine through more each day and can't wait to see the little toddler you are becoming. Oh, how we love you, our sweet little Aus!

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