Saturday, April 11, 2015

Beauty in the ordinary

It's really been on my heart these past months to simply our lifestyle. We live in Silicon Valley; a unique, extremely fast paced and high pressure area. I know we made the right decision for our family moving here three years ago, but this area gets to you after awhile. It's exhausting. Since having Austin, I keep finding myself craving a more laid back, plain way of life. I'm determined to stop glorifying busy and just take a step back and focus on the truly important things in my life. My faith. My boys. My family. My friends.

It's a journey, not an overnight fix that is naturally fraught with obstacles. Life as a stay at home Mum is anything but glamourous. The puddles of toddler vomit I've been mopping up for the past 2 nights can certainly attest to that. But we only get one chance at life, and when my boys are grown, I want them to look back and remember these seemingly ordinary moments with fondness. So, step by step, I can feel myself becoming more relaxed. My head feels less clouded and as I result, I feel like I've been able to enjoy the little things more...

... the beauty in the mundane, ordinary moments of life.

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  1. Lovely photos! Particularly love the one of Austin on the dishwasher. :-)

  2. Beautiful pictures. I am currently working on the same goal! So much more relaxing.

  3. lots of beauty in the ordinary.
    I can unload a dishwasher at lightening speed bc baby Huds did the same thing!

  4. The photos are so beautiful. It is always good to have time with babies.


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