Thursday, April 16, 2015

Life lately (hip hip hooray!)

April began with my 30th birthday. I  already had my big celebration a few weeks early & my actual birthday was pretty non eventful - my Mums group in the morning (complete with FAIRY BREAD! That made this Aussie mama happy), lunch with friends and dinner with my boys. A good friend of mine was super thoughtful and threw a lovely outdoor party to celebrate this past weekend. Good food, great wine, the best company, 90's music and a to-die-for chocolate mousse birthday cake - it was perfect!

Life lately has been busy, but quiet at the same time. We've been dealing with some pretty all consuming, stressful visa issues (until a week ago, there was a high chance we were going to have to leave the USA this month indefinitely until we could get our legal residency issues sorted out) and although (long story) now we are stuck here unless we go interview in Sydney, all has ended well: we got our approval just in the nick of time. After dealing with that, and sickness, poor sleep, a grumpy grumpy baby.... I am ready for a holiday. Thank goodness it's only 1 MORE SLEEP UNTIL HAWAII!!!

See you on the other side :-)

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