Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Weekend goodness - le camp

One of the things on our to do list for this year is to get outdoors more often. We live in the most beautiful state but to be honest, after three years I still feel like we haven't taken full advantage of what California has to offer. The last time we went camping was to Texel Island when I was pregnant with Oliver, so a family camping trip has been on the wish list for some time. After searching around and finding a spot available at the beach this past weekend, we made it happen (on that note: last minute camping does not seem to exist here. Spots book up six MONTHS in advance!!!).

Given it was less than an hour from home, we were considering this our trial run before attempting a camping trip a little further away. I guess I'd call it a success. The boys both went down without a peep but we did have some middle of the night antics with (a) a crying baby (b) a half asleep toddler demanding we go to Target NOW at 2.30am to buy a red transformer (c) a then wide awake toddler and baby out of their beds, crawling over their mama, giggling and tickling each other... So yeah, sleep was a little lacking but I guess that's not out of the ordinary when sleeping in a tent with tiny humans!

Bring on summer. I'm ready to get out and about in the great outdoors!

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