Thursday, May 21, 2015

Life lately: camping & concerts

A couple of weekends ago - for Mother's Day in fact, we attempted camping again. Round 2. This time we were a little more prepared - the boys both resembled little Michelin men as I had them bundled up in practically every piece of warm clothing they own for bedtime - and it was most definitely a successful weekend! We had been planning to go to Pinecrest Lake, a spot that looks absolutely gorgeous but this cold May snap meant it was SNOWING there the day we were arriving. Although it seems to be nearly impossible to find last minute camping within a few hours of the bay area, we did manage to get a spot on the pretty Russian River, near Sonoma/Napa area.

The boys both did so well this weekend, and we all had a really lovely time. Ollie sure loved having his friends to play with this time around!

This past weekend our big boy had a spring concert & carnival at his preschool. My mama heart just swells with pride seeing him up on stage (far right)!

He had fun playing games at the little carnival and Austin loved playing on the toys at Ollie's school, although he was a bit of a grump because I wouldn't let him on the crazy jumping castle with the big kids.

This cold snap we've been experiencing the past week or so feels like winter and I'm so over it already (in fact, temperatures here only weeks off summer are COLDER than Brisbane right now. Where it's practically winter. Oh how I miss Aussie weather!). We are ready for warmer temperatures, backyard playdates, splash pad adventures, iceblock weather - bring on summer!

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