Friday, May 29, 2015

Mammoth Lakes - hiking and snow play

After a big day on the road through Yosemite National Park and over the Tioga Pass, we finally hit Mammoth Lakes. It was overcast, freezing and kinda miserable that first day - but at bedtime, it started snowing at our resort which was pretty special. Given it was a pretty brief visit to Mammoth (I could easily spend a week hiking here, it's so beautiful) we decided to spend Sunday morning doing a little hike in the valley and the afternoon on the mountain.

The fresh mountain air - that crisp, pine-y smell and the (relative) peace and quiet was so refreshing. Both Mitch and I just love being outdoors and it's something we hope we can keep doing as a family as our boys grow.

After we finally made it back to our car (note: you have to take shuttles into the national park and it's a really slow, painful process), we grabbed our picnic and got on the scenic gondola to head up Mammoth mountain. It might be almost June but a few chair lifts were still open and there were plenty of people skiing. Crazy!

Oh, the snow. We've lived in California for over 3 years but only once visited the snow near Lake Tahoe, back in 2012. It felt SO good to be on top of a mountain again!

More to come... :-)

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  1. It's so beautiful! And at least it cleared up for better hiking.


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