Sunday, May 17, 2015

The boys (3 years 9 months & 14 months)

Oh, these boys. Brothers. Best friends. Worst enemies. They love each other dearly but already fight like, well, brothers.

Oliver at 3 years, 9 months and Austin at 14 months.

Oliver has really grown up a lot lately. His thirst for learning is never quenched and he loves sprouting off random facts he learns all. day. long :-) He loves being outdoors and despite being quiet in a large group, he is a really social kid. Every day he asks me what the plan is and what friends we are seeing. He loves company but also loves a bit of down time and will quietly concentrate on his beloved craft projects.

Austin is..... Austin. This boy and his charming smile. He loves loves LOVES being the centre of attention, is always giving us (and anyone else who will so much as glance at him) his big cheese face and wants nothing more than to keep up with his big brother. He's taking steps but still not full on walking. He crawls at lightening speed and can climb just about anything. He wants to be doing whatever Ollie and his friends are doing. He's doesn't have any more words, but understands pretty much anything we ask him and communicates with frantic headshaking no or grunts of yes.

These ages, this stage, is exhausting. A preschooler and a toddler; two very energetic boys. But I am loving it. While certain things (um, park visits for one) have become much more challenging, I am really just trying to soak up all the craziness and enjoy this stage because the years truly are short. We are loving seeing our boys relationship develop and even though they fight (we have seemingly constant duplo wars), their love for each other is already so evident. They just love being together, tackling, chasing, throwing food at each other, blowing raspberries, building, bouncing.

Oh, how I love my two handsome little guys :-)

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