Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Cake Obsession

It's no secret: I have a terrible sweet tooth. I really don't buy a whole lot of treats though; I love to bake instead. Over the years I feel like I've mastered the basics. I can whip up a bunch of variations of brownies, various flavoured cupcakes, cookies, scones, cheesecake, puddings and so on. I have an ongoing to do list and learn cake decorating has been rating pretty highly on there for a few years, but it's only in recent months that I've really started trying different techniques. Guided by many youtube tutorials (and inspired by a friend here who is a cake decorating / baking guru), here's a few of my first attempts...

This was my first attempt at a petal cake for a friend & friend's son combined b'day cake. Looking back now, it feels so messy but I was pretty happy for my first try!

This cake was followed closely by another friend's birthday cake: a pink ombre swirl frosting with a pink ombre layer cake, perfect for an almost Valentine's birthday!

Austin's smash cake was my next attempt at the petal technique; much more uniform this time.

March was a busy month for birthdays. Austin's smash cake was followed closely by Mitch's birthday, celebrated with a 4 layer chocolate sour cream cake with whipped espresso frosting and chocolate ganache (and whoppers on top. The not-as-good American version of a malteser) that I took into his work. It was decadent!

Austin's birthday cake was simple, much like the Valentine's cake: a 4 layer blue ombre cake with vanilla buttercream blue ombre frosting.

Next I got to have my first ever attempt at fondant. I had never bought, made or even played around fondant before, let alone attempted to cover a cake in it. This was for a friend's daughters birthday, I watched a zillion tutorials (and bought the not so great tasting, but easy pre-made Wilton fondant and coloured it myself) and voila... It wasn't as scary as I was expecting! The cake here was a 4 layer dark chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream.

My absolute favourite cake was last. Another friend's daughter was having a Frozen themed party and I had a go at a doll cake. I always used to admire the dolly varden cake in the Australia Women's Weekly birthday cake book (all Aussie children of the 80's will know what I'm talking about) and so I was very excited to give it a go! I just used 3 round cakes and topped with a bundt. The best (or worst) part - the cake sang let it go :-)

In American tradition, some cupcakes accompanied the cake: vanilla cupcakes with a frozen themed buttercream frosting and handmade edible snowflakes. I rolled out gumpaste paper thin and used a Martha Stewart snowflake punch (greasing it regularly so they didn't stick) to get the shape. Once they dried, I sprayed with an edible pearl mist.

Any suggestions on what to try next? Oliver's birthday isn't until August and I am keen to try something new in the meantime!

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