Friday, May 8, 2015

The Road to Hana {Maui}

It's not like us to book a holiday and have next to no plans for our time away - but that was our Hawaii trip. Our 'schedule' consisted of eat, beach, sleep, repeat. The only real thing on our to do list (besides the Old Lahaina Luau) was driving the road to Hana.

The road to Hana is a windy drive on the east side of the island, that doesn't appear to be super long but in actual fact takes all. day. long due to slow speed limits, hairpin turns, one lane bridges and many (many many many) waterfall photo opportunities. We left Kaanapali beach at 7am and didn't get back until 6pm, it was a long day but well worth the drive even with the rainy weather.

My favourite part of the day? It was almost topped by all the little banana bread stalls along the side of the drive, but the black sand beach at Wai’anapanapa State Park was a beauty.

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  1. I had a love hate relationship with the road to hana. It was so beautiful, but the drive was so hard. My highlight was also the black sand beach!

  2. As always, your travel pictures are amazing!! We are headed to Hawaii this summer, so I about to go through all your posts and take notes! Looks like it was an amazing and beautiful trip. :)


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