Thursday, May 28, 2015

Yosemite National Park - a flying visit

Last weekend we decided to make the most of the public holiday and take a last minute road trip through the Sierra Nevadas to pretty Mammoth Lakes. Only a 5 hour drive, it felt like a whole different world - and season. To get to Mammoth, you've got to get over some pretty impressive mountain ranges. The Tioga Pass, through Yosemite National Park, had just opened for the season so we left home bright and early Saturday morning and took a quick lunch break in this busy but beautiful national park before heading through the snow.

Having been here before, we didn't take the time to go hiking or see any of the main sights - it was CRAZY busy because of the long weekend, but soon headed up (up up up) the mountain before reaching the Tioga Pass peak at a little over 9,500 feet. The snow was insane! It's only weeks off summer, but it was snowing pretty heavily and the snow off the side of the road was up to my thighs in spots (I learned that the hard way). Ollie and I braved the below zero temps for some quick snow play before heading over to Mammoth.

I feel like we just had a real winter snow getaway - when it's almost summer. More to come... :-)

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  1. Those pics of A getting O!!!! Such a MOMENT captured!

  2. I love the snow during the end of May.


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