Monday, June 29, 2015

Life lately - more summer goodness

Life lately via the iPhone - more summer goodness...

Happy Hollow fun - we got memberships again so I think I may have to get the boys there more often. Ollie loves the rides (although you wouldn't know with his serious face) and Austin... Well he was ready to move in to the goat pen. Much like his big bro, he's fearless when it comes to animals and just wanted to snuggle and be all over the goats!

More cycling... (it's making me miss the Netherlands a lot)

Art time. Austin wants to do whatever Ollie is doing and although he tends to draw/paint more on himself (yes I had the apron on the wrong child) than paper, I'm loving that we're at this stage where they will happily craft side by side.

Fathers Day at Venice Beach in Half Moon Bay. So pretty! But so, so chilly (the sunshine and our outfits are deceiving)....

Having fun in the kitchen - last week Ollie and I made homemade pizzas together and this past weekend I tried a couple of new recipes: grilled peach salad (baby rocket, grilled peaches, goats cheese, caramelized onion + balsamic glaze) and my first attempt at meringue cases. Yum!

Austin was keeping dessert manly.... (don't worry it's plastic)

And hello, chicken mask. Our house is a madhouse in the afternoons. We usually get out on a walk to Target, Philz, Pinkberry - or just around the neighbourhood - Ollie likes to keep our walks stylish.

Some days I feel like I'm living in a madhouse. HOW DO BOYS HAVE SO MUCH CRAZY ENERGY???!!! Particularly from 4 - 6pm?!?! The afternoons can get kinda crazy around here.

It's hard to believe it's been a month since preschool wrapped up. Although I'm not missing school drop offs and pick ups, we do miss the schedule just a teeny bit. So, I've been trying to keep us busy - regular playdates, excursions, walks every day (sometimes twice). June is practically over and I'm looking forward to seeing what July has in store!

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