Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Weekend goodness @ Gilroy Gardens

This past weekend we took the boys to a nearby theme park in Gilroy. Being located in the garlic capital, it's a garlic/fruit/vegetable themed park. Which honestly, was a little odd.... Although I wouldn't probably go back again given I felt it was overpriced for what you get - I'd rather pay a little extra to go to Legoland or Disney any day - we had a great family day out. Things really are getting easier with the boys and that includes day trips. It was nice to all be able to get on rides together, as a family instead of having to tag team it with someone watching the baby.

The best part about Gilroy Gardens however was the water oasis. The boys both LOVED it. There were a couple of sections - but the one with the little pool, splash pad and water slides were the boys favourite. Ollie patiently lined up to go on his first legit waterslide and there was even a mini one which Austin went up and down again. And again. And again :-)

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