Thursday, August 20, 2015

Life lately {random August goodness}

Life lately - somehow, school is going back and the summer is almost over! This past weekend was a scorcher and we braved the hot weather to go to Great America, our local theme park. It's much like Dreamworld, with some pretty big thrill rides and some kiddie stuff too - but instead of Wiggles World, it's Planet Snoopy which had a bunch of rides that both the boys could go on.

Although it doesn't have animals like Dreamworld, Great America does have Boomerang Bay - a fantastic water park included in your admission. Honestly, it was the main reason why I wanted to come here! The boys LOVED it. We spent the morning doing rides then the afternoon cooling off in the water.

I think Ollie's favourite part of the day however was when Daddy won him a minion! Then he wanted to play again and won a small minion for Austin (which brought the hugest grin to his face). Love these sweet boys!

Sunday was Oliver's actual birthday, and after the exhaustion of the theme park the day before, getting bunk beds, and his Lego party, we just switched on the air con and spent the entire day inside. Ollie built his new little Legos for 8hrs straight. I was impressed with his dedication!

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