Thursday, August 13, 2015

Out of the mouth of babes {Oliver, 3 years 11 months}

A few random quotes I don't want to forget - Mr Oliver at 3 years, 11 months old...

When I told him he had his undies on back to front: Probably Mum I will just get a wedgie. Okayyyyyyy?

Getting confused about God & superheroes (while holding up a cross made from paddlepop sticks): This is the cross God died on. This one. He is deaded now. He doesn't have superhero powers anymore. 

Talking about babies...
Ollie: can you grow two babies in your tummy? Together? Like now?
Me: Well that would be twins.
Ollie: Yes. Twins things. You can grow them in your tummy and your heart. Can we have those please?
Me: Ummmmm....
Ollie: They could share Austin's bed. And play together. And we could give them bottles of milk. Please?

Talking about Mount Everest after VBS - and I had told him that Mummy and Dad had in fact seen the real Mount Everest... Can we go to Mountain Everest? Can we walk there now? Oh, maybe we will freeze. No, I'm ok. I won't freeze. Can we go there? Now now now?

It blows my mind that our big boy is going to be four in a matter of days. This time four years ago I was (almost) at the beginning of my marathon labor with him - it feels like an eternity ago but also like it was yesterday. Can't wait to celebrate our Oliver John with a 'wittle wego' party!

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