Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Weekend goodness {Pinnacles National Park}

This past weekend, we took another little camping trip - this time, to the Pinnacles National Park. It was dry and dusty, pretty stinking hot during the day and cold at night but it was a great location not too far from home. We saw lots of wildlife - deer, turkeys and WAY too many bold raccoons trying to steal our food and did a fantastic hike in the national park through bat caves, up to a reservoir and up & down & through rock formations. Probably my favourite hike we've done all year, even if it was a little nerve wracking at times with all the kiddos in tow.

The boys did really well in the tent this time too. It's never been awful (except for our very first attempt back in April) but this time they both slept great. And given that we weren't allowed campfires due to fire danger (no s'mores, boo), we didn't stay up as late in the cold so I even felt reasonably well rested each morning.

My favourite part was discovering the junior ranger program! We've been to a bunch of national parks over here, but I actually never knew about this. The kids filled out a certain number of pages in an activity book, took it back to the visitors centre, pledged their allegiance to the national park and became 'junior rangers'. They each were awarded a badge and sew on patch. Super cute!

Hoping to squeeze in at least one, maybe two more camping trips before the weather gets too cold. It's been fun this summer exploring the great outdoors!

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