Wednesday, September 16, 2015

And just like that, he's eighteen months {Austin Mitchell}

He'll always be my baby, but this kiddo - he's lost the baby chub and is just looking (and acting) more and more grown up every day. Last Friday marked one and a half years for our Austin, and what a little sunshine he is - even though we're in the midst of the terrible toddler tantrums.

At 18 months, Austin Mitchell...

... Sleeps like a champ. He's consistently slept through the night since he was around 8 months old except for teething. Those bottom 2 year molars were hard work! He sleeps 7pm-7am and takes one nap a day, 1-3.30/4pm-ish.

... Has all his teeth except his top two year molars.

... Has a handful of words (mama, dadda, GO, more, again, bubbles, dinner, dog, there, night night, dummy, drink) but mostly chooses to communicate with funny little neighing sounds (like a horse - he whinnies) for yes and frantic head shaking (or dropping to the ground and screaming) for no. People always comment that although he's not super verbal, he comprehends everything. Everything. Kid doesn't miss a beat and we have our own little way of figuring out what he wants.

... Is a fussy eater one week and demolishes everything the next. For awhile there he was convinced he was vegetarian and refused all forms of meat and lately his preferred meal of choice is chick-fil-a sauce. Straight out of the packet. No nuggets or fries required, preferably just a dummy close by for dipping.

... Loves getting new shoes. You have no idea. For boys, my kids probably do have a decent collection of shoes (I'm ok with the fact that I'll likely always just be a boy mama so I'm determined to dress my boys with style) and Austin is so proud whenever he gets a new pair, be it brand new or hand me downs from Ollie. He sits on the step to the laundry room to get them put on and then proudly walks around the house stomping his feet and staring at his toes with a sweet smile :-)

... Copies his big brother all. the. time. Everything Ollie does ('tricks', funny noises, fake falls, anything) Austin immediately does too. They are the best little buddies.

... LOVES his dummy and his sleep sheep aka 'sheepie'. He carries it around by the ears and takes it to bed for nap & nighttime, laying there gently rubbing its ears while he falls asleep. He loves that thing so bad, it's worn and dirty (I do wash it but within hours he's dragged it outside again) but it's his comfort toy and super sweet. We had weaned him off his dummy so that he only had it for nap & bedtime, but with teething he got free range again and I have a feeling it's going to be a challenge to wean him off it completely.

... Started struggling with some separation anxiety. He's been in the nursery at church since he was 2 months old without an issue, but over the last month has been having a hard time and I've had to be paged for the first time ever. I also had this problem with him at the gym childcare while Mitch was away. It's that age :-(

... Loves picking Ollie up from school. He runs into his classroom, finds Ollie (usually on the floor in circle time), gives him a hug and goes up to the teacher for a sticker like the big kids.

... Is super affectionate. He gives the sweetest hugs - he really wraps his little arms around your neck and squeezes in tight - and big mwah! kisses. He also loves to blow sloppy raspberries and laugh at himself.

... Still has that huge, ear to ear, eye wrinkling, full face, award winning SMILE. It's something really special about our Austin; his smile. It's so sweet but often cheeky, so warm and loving. Everywhere we go people comment on how happy he is and how sweet his smile is.

Happy 18 months our sweet baby Austin! Your two year birthday is looming and I'm just loving seeing your little personality develop. We are getting more and more glimpses of the little boy you are fast becoming and although I miss the baby days, every day with you is such a treat sweet boy. We all love you Austin Mitchell - or 'baby babe' as your big bro loves to call you :-)

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