Tuesday, November 17, 2015

la petite bump - 15 weeks

So. Here we go again! Baby #3! It's a strange feeling sometimes, thinking that although this is my fifth pregnancy, it's our third baby. I'm feeling such a huge sense of relief to be out of the first trimester finally - not just because of the exhaustion and morning (ok, all day) sickness, but just to know that the fear inducing period is over. We made it through, and this little one is growing beautifully.

In the last couple of weeks I've started to feel more like myself again. My energy has been returning; I've even been back at the gym three mornings a week (with approval from my ob) since I hit the 12 week mark. I'm able to make it through dinner without (a) throwing up or (b) needing to go lay down on the couch. The 'morning' sickness kicked in at six weeks exactly this pregnancy - after we got home from our last camping trip actually, and it has been ROUGH. I realise now that I had a very easy first trimester with Oliver with only two days of real morning sickness and otherwise just some mild nausea. With Austin it felt much worse, but this time around it was a whole new level of sickness once again. Poor Ollie was convinced I had a 'vomit bug' (stomach flu) that he could catch and would just push a bucket my direction and refuse to come near me because "I might catch the vomit bug Mum". *fingers crossed* those days are behind me now. I still have moments of mild nausea but that's about it thankfully.

Last week we got to see our little one again on ultrasound. Baby was super chill, snuggled up to a big ol' fibroid. That was a strange sight. I didn't have fibroids with my previous pregnancies, but my dr wasn't concerned as baby still has plenty of room to grow. Unfortunately, I consulted dr google when I got home which made my anxiety levels rise (bad decision Lu) but really, all is well and normal.

Weight gain has been ughhhh... I'm up 9lbs from my 8 week appointment however I'm telling myself that the difference in season made that number rise (at 8 weeks I was in a dress and capri leggings, at the 14 week check I was in uggs, jeans, multiple layers and a vest before stepping on the scales), I'm really hoping that by staying active this pregnancy I can keep my weight gain within the recommended 25-35lbs. I gained 40-ish lbs with both Ollie and Austin and honestly, I felt ok about it - with Ollie it was all gone by four months postpartum and five months with Aus (thank you breastfeeding!), so hopefully it's similar again this time.

I've been feeling little flutters and bumps for the last couple of weeks and I think I can finally say that it's for sure the baby :-) Ollie is forever asking me when he will be able to feel 'his' new baby kick him. It's been really fun seeing his excitement this time around, there's such a big difference between a 2 year old and 4 year old! Austin of course, being only 20 months is completely and utterly clueless about what's going on!

My next appointment isn't until December for the 19 week ultrasound. Our hospital was shockingly booked out during the time period that I can get it done, so we are going to another facility. I'm so looking forward to seeing this little one again :-)

And finally - a bump comparison, just for the sake of it! 15 weeks with Oliver, Austin and baby #3!

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The boys (4 years & 20 months)

The boys - Oliver at 4 years, 3 months and Austin at 20 months.

Oliver these days is all about the new baby. He wants to help me put the baby's room together; he is always asking to feel the baby move (too early for that kiddo, I'm only just feeling flutters myself); he plays a game with teddy where he feeds him, burps him, puts him down for naps and tell me not to be noisy when teddy is asleep; he routinely shoves teddy under his shirt and tells me he is growing his baby... Yup, I think it's safe to say he's excited. He's still Lego mad and spends hours every day putting together pretty intricate creations. He's been taking swim lessons every Friday for the last year and loves to swim and more recently started playing soccer which he quite enjoys. He had his school photos taken a few weeks ago - one of them in particular was pretty special.... Lets just say 2015 is going to be known as the year of the preschool photo fail :)

Austin is full of beans. He's also kinda bipolar. He's SUPER sweet and affectionate - he gives the sweetest hugs and loves to blow kisses, but his mood can change at the drop of a hat. Hello, terrible twos. He's inclined to head butt when he doesn't get his way or throw something. He's not a good shopping baby - it always ends in tantrums. Kid does not like to be contained! He loves to chase Ollie and copy whatever he is doing. He's also talking a lot more nowdays - I've lost count of all the random words he says, my favourite is when he says yoghurt (GoGURT! Mama! GoGURT!) but he knows most of his animals and their sounds. He's also putting together a couple of words at a time finally (bye mama! night night! dat's mine!). He loves trains, dogs, his dummy and his beloved sheepie. Oh, and reading books. He'll happily snuggle up and read books for hours if you let him!

For a while there I had been thinking how easy these ages are together, but honestly - the easier it seems to get, the more challenging it also becomes. The boys will play together now, not just side by side but they also fight more. A lot more. It used to be just Ollie snatching toys or being bossy, but now Austin really holds his own and loves to provoke Ollie (he'll go to Ollie's room and get a favourite toy and wave it in front of Ollie's face, running off with it while laughing hysterically at Ollie getting upset). They also get into a lot of mischief together. The first few times it was cute - brothers being cheeky together, but after you've had the pantry destroyed + every book pulled off every book shelf + their closets emptied on the ground + all the shoes thrown in the (off) dryer multiple times a day, well... It's not so cute. They love to egg each other on while they race around the house together in seek and destroy mode.

Life with two boys is a lot of fun but honestly, it's also a little chaotic. But I wouldn't have it any other way - and if my gut feeling is correct, it'll be life with THREE boys as of May 2016 ;-)

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Pinecrest Lake, California

It might be coming up on *almost* two months since we took this little trip, but the early pregnancy fog is clearing enough so that I can finally sit down at the computer long enough to share our photos :-) Pinecrest Lake was actually the destination for our first camping trip of the year, but in mid-May it was SNOWED out and so we changed locations last minute. The next availability wasn't until September - this place is popular for a reason.

There had been a lot of wildfires in the weeks prior to our trip and so most of the three hour drive to this pretty lake in Sonora country was smoggy. In fact, the day we arrived, you couldn't even see the other side of the lake and the smell of smoke was pretty heavy in the air. For whatever bizarre reason, I actually like that smell so for me it wasn't that off putting.

In terms of the campsites we've been to, this one (also state run) was by far the busiest and most noisy. Cars were hooning by our site until late at night, lots of people walking by at all hours however the pretty (and huge) site made up for it. The kids loved playing in the big old trees and it was only a short walk to the lake.

I'm a little sad there will be no more camping trips this year, but it was certainly a lovely place for our final one of the season with some of our favourite people :-)

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Monday, November 2, 2015

Life lately - all the Halloween happenings

Life lately - aka a giant photo dump of all of our October Halloween activities with a little Ninja Turtle and fox in tow...

A little pumpkin patch at nearby Shoreline Lake...

Visiting the local Sunnyvale 'pumpkin patch' (which is really just a few bounce houses and some dodgy pumpkins on hay bales but the boys love it all the same)...

A stinking hot morning at Uesegi Farms in Morgan Hill - our fourth year in a row at this giant pumpkin patch...

Early trick or treating in downtown Palo Alto - our first year doing this and it was crazy busy...

Trunk or treat at Ollie's school...

And finally - Halloween! It was another chaotic but fun year having our bay area family join us to go trick or treating in our neighborhood and check out the block party.

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