Tuesday, November 17, 2015

la petite bump - 15 weeks

So. Here we go again! Baby #3! It's a strange feeling sometimes, thinking that although this is my fifth pregnancy, it's our third baby. I'm feeling such a huge sense of relief to be out of the first trimester finally - not just because of the exhaustion and morning (ok, all day) sickness, but just to know that the fear inducing period is over. We made it through, and this little one is growing beautifully.

In the last couple of weeks I've started to feel more like myself again. My energy has been returning; I've even been back at the gym three mornings a week (with approval from my ob) since I hit the 12 week mark. I'm able to make it through dinner without (a) throwing up or (b) needing to go lay down on the couch. The 'morning' sickness kicked in at six weeks exactly this pregnancy - after we got home from our last camping trip actually, and it has been ROUGH. I realise now that I had a very easy first trimester with Oliver with only two days of real morning sickness and otherwise just some mild nausea. With Austin it felt much worse, but this time around it was a whole new level of sickness once again. Poor Ollie was convinced I had a 'vomit bug' (stomach flu) that he could catch and would just push a bucket my direction and refuse to come near me because "I might catch the vomit bug Mum". *fingers crossed* those days are behind me now. I still have moments of mild nausea but that's about it thankfully.

Last week we got to see our little one again on ultrasound. Baby was super chill, snuggled up to a big ol' fibroid. That was a strange sight. I didn't have fibroids with my previous pregnancies, but my dr wasn't concerned as baby still has plenty of room to grow. Unfortunately, I consulted dr google when I got home which made my anxiety levels rise (bad decision Lu) but really, all is well and normal.

Weight gain has been ughhhh... I'm up 9lbs from my 8 week appointment however I'm telling myself that the difference in season made that number rise (at 8 weeks I was in a dress and capri leggings, at the 14 week check I was in uggs, jeans, multiple layers and a vest before stepping on the scales), I'm really hoping that by staying active this pregnancy I can keep my weight gain within the recommended 25-35lbs. I gained 40-ish lbs with both Ollie and Austin and honestly, I felt ok about it - with Ollie it was all gone by four months postpartum and five months with Aus (thank you breastfeeding!), so hopefully it's similar again this time.

I've been feeling little flutters and bumps for the last couple of weeks and I think I can finally say that it's for sure the baby :-) Ollie is forever asking me when he will be able to feel 'his' new baby kick him. It's been really fun seeing his excitement this time around, there's such a big difference between a 2 year old and 4 year old! Austin of course, being only 20 months is completely and utterly clueless about what's going on!

My next appointment isn't until December for the 19 week ultrasound. Our hospital was shockingly booked out during the time period that I can get it done, so we are going to another facility. I'm so looking forward to seeing this little one again :-)

And finally - a bump comparison, just for the sake of it! 15 weeks with Oliver, Austin and baby #3!

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  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy! What wonderful news!


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