Thursday, December 24, 2015

A little pre-Christmas, white Christmas snow trip {Lake Tahoe}

We had grand plans to go spend a few days at the snow between Christmas and New Years this year, but leaving booking accommodation to the last minute (whoops) meant our choices were severely limited. So - a couple of weekends ago, we took a little pre-Christmas, white Christmas snow trip to our favourite Californian destination, Lake Tahoe.

With the drought and all, you never quite know if you're going to get decent snow here but boy did we strike it lucky! There was a big snowstorm the night before we arrived (and another the day we left, bringing our plans to leave forward by half a day so we could get out before the pass was closed) and it left the lake looking like a winter wonderland.

This year we stayed at Incline Village in the north part of the lake - we've never actually stayed on the Nevada side before but the beachfront resort was gorgeous and I'm keen to check it out in the summertime.

Although Austin wasn't such a fan of the snow, we still had a fun weekend... But I have to say, I've had my snow fix for another year now!

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