Wednesday, December 16, 2015

O (2015) Christmas tree

Although there is something special about an Aussie 'Christmas tree', I really do love being able to go out and cut down a true fir tree each year here in the USA. That fresh pine smell, the full branches and the novelty of going to a farm and hunting down the perfect tree is a tradition that I am really loving.

This year we went back to Summit Christmas Tree farm in Los Gatos, the same place we went last year. It didn't take too long to drive around and find the perfect tree, load it up and get it home for some decorating...

The boys were both really into the decorating this year - all our decorations have been collected over the years from various places and have their own special meaning, but thankfully we have a lot of wooden & soft toy type decorations that were perfect for the boys to hang on the bottom half of the tree.

And, voila! We didn't get a cute photo of them under the tree (no-one was cooperating that day, trying to take family photos at the tree farm earlier was a DISASTER - thankfully we quickly came up with a plan B for our Christmas card photo!), but there's still Christmas morning for that one :-)

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