Sunday, November 27, 2016

Six months {Anneke Claire}

Ok, so I'm a tiny bit late in posting this ;-) as our littlest love is practically 7 months now. I blame the craziness of you know, moving our entire family of 5 to another continent this past month. I can't believe sweet Anneke is half a year old already. I feel like I've blinked and missed a fair chunk of her babyhood with this move - it's been such a dragged out process, and as we are still living in some form of limbo, it's ongoing. But one thing is certain, we have really been blessed with a sweetheart. Anneke is still such a sweet, smiley, chill little bubba girl and we just love her so!

At six months old, Anneke Claire...

Stats... Not sure on height/weight as I'm yet to do her 6 month checkup and vaccinations, but she's wearing size 9 month (0) clothing and crawler (equivalent to a size 3 I guess?) nappies.

Milestones... TEETH!!! The first 2 pearly whites popped through on the bottom front just before we moved and I think I can see 2 more coming. She's been at her mouth a fair but but overall hasn't been tooooooo bothered by it except overnight. She's super close to sitting and can handle it on her own briefly. No crawling yet (phew) but she does push ups when she's on her tummy and pivots herself around. She's still crazy strong and does those baby yoga moves & sit ups all day long.

Sleeping... Meh. Sleep isn't the best. I mean, she's handled the whole time change pretty well overall, but teething has really affected her overnight sleep these past few weeks. She wakes up hourly from midnight and starts the day between 4-5am. She takes 2 good naps a day though, other than the odd super awake day.

Eating... She's still breastfeeding every 3 or so hours, sometimes a little more often if it's a really hot day. She's on 2 solid meals a day, breakfast and dinner but I have to confess, it's been packet baby food all the way. I did baby led weaning with both the boys but for a variety of reasons, purees have just been easier this time around. Just another way in which every kid is different.

Best moment... Easy - meeting her family for the first time :-) Grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins... It's been special.

Worst moment... The night I gave her mashed potato. Mind you, it was fairly amusing for the rest of us but lets just say Anneke is NOT a fan of potato and let us know her feelings pretty strongly.

Loves... Nappy off time. Dinner. Bathtime. Swimming in the pool (she kicks and kicks up a storm!). Grabbing her brothers hair and trying to eat it. Hip carries in the ring sling (yay! Finally!).

Dislikes... The humidity (who doesn't). Being in the stroller if it's not moving. Traffic. Mashed potato. Avocado.

Oh, sweet girl. I love watching you grow and change so much, but I also hate how quickly your first year is going by. I want to just sit back and savor every moment, but the current craziness of life with 3 kids and moving countries and all these changes - well, it's all a lot right now. You are such a sweetheart and charm everyone with those big smiles and sweet little face. Happy half birthday our little love - we all love you so!

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Five months {Anneke Claire}

Oh, sweet girl! We're so close to being halfway to Anneke's 1st birthday (very close actually, as I'm super late in posting this - I blame moving), and I want time to simultaneously speed up so we can move and start living again whilst also slowing right on down so I can savor every moment of our youngest's first year.

At five months old, Anneke Claire...

Stats... Not sure on height/weight but she is wearing 9 month clothing (0) and size 2 nappies, although I think she's about ready to move up a size.

Milestones... Still not rolling, which is a shock to me given how strong she is and also because both the boys were rolling over by this point (Austin at 3.5 months and Oliver at 4 months). She is a tummy time champ though and I've recently discovered that if I put her on the wooden floor on her tummy, she scoots backwards :-( Slowly, but she's figuring out how to move a little. She loves standing and will just hold onto our fingers and stand happily for ages. She has also perfected crunches and boat pose - bubba girl doesn't like to just lay on her back and insists on lifting her head and shoulders up off the ground...

Sleeping... Meh. It's been a rough month. Some nights she only wakes up twice but overall it's been much worse. First cold (x2) = bad sleep. First tummy bug = constant pooping overnight = bad sleep. She still has her crazy no nap days regularly (usually while out and about, she is so ridiculously nosy and doesn't want to miss out of anything) but has fallen into a better nap routine of twice a day if we're at home.

Eating... I still breastfeed on demand, I'd guess she feeds every 3 hours or so on average?

Best moment... Every time Ollie gets her to laugh. It's the sweetest sound and she just adores him - he gets the biggest and best laughs by far.

Worst moment... We went apple picking last month with friends, as we were walking to the car I slipped and fell on loose rocks spread over the road. I was carrying Anneke face out; it was the worst feeling ever going down face first with my precious little love. Thankfully (and amazingly), it was nowhere near as bad as it could have been. My left knee got pretty badly beat up with rocks in it and bruising and I still can't workout comfortably, but thankfully it took the brunt of it and somehow broke her fall. The top of her head still went into the rocks and she just got a little bruise/cut and some cuts on her hands. It was such an awful feeling. A really huge fright, and made me feel sick thinking of the what-ifs.

Loves... Poking her tongue out. Standing. Sit ups. Mama. Holding her feet. Smiling.

Dislikes... The bottle. Sleep. Being sick (poor baby). The carseat.

Happy 5 months sweet girl!

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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Throwback favs {The Europe Edition}

In the midst of all the moving madness, I've been reflecting a bit lately about some of the adventures Mitch and I have had these past 6 years - traveling both as a couple, with friends and now as a family. I love looking back at old photos and I'm so thankful that I've kept up with this blog to document the random things we've been doing, places we've seen and adventures we've had. Oh, and the kids :-)

Some of my absolute most favourite memories since we began this whole expat life thing are of the time we had living in Europe... I miss how foreign it was. I miss how easy it was to travel and how close such different, interesting places were. Sometimes our life there just feels like such a distant memory and I know with time, life here in California will look much the same.

So, because I'm a sucker for being all sentimental (but mostly because I'm having a quiet night in solo while Mitch is off being farewelled), I sifted through old posts and photos and voila! Throwback (Saturday?) favs - the Europe edition...

... exploring Holland with my Dad - his first time back since moving abroad. We traveled around the country in my little red Peugeot, visiting the Grebbelinie where my Grandfather fought during WW2; meeting with the family members of men my Grandfather was in the resistance with; finding the spot in a forest which except for a series of fortunate events was destined to be my Grandfather's end; walking by his childhood home; camping on Ameland, where he holidayed as a child; eating zoute haring; finding my maiden name on a wall. A very special visit, something I am going to cherish for life {August 2010}

... meeting up with our Nepal & India trip besties to rent a chalet on the side of a ski run near Mt Blanc in the French Alps. Snowball fights and sledding down the driveway and getting snowed in and rolling giant snow balls down the ski slopes and carols by our snow Christmas tree - lighting it up with tea light candles and then fireworks on top. One of the most memorable holiday seasons yet {December 2010}

... the 2 months we spent living on the side of a mountain amongst vineyards in Martigny, Switzerland. I was newly pregnant with Oliver and feeling sick and miserable, but the view (and citron tart days - Tiff? :) ) were pretty spectacular although the drive to the house with it's 12 hairpin turns used to make me super anxious. Oh and the day we got snowed in and Mitch almost rolled the car off the side of the mountain while putting snow chains on {January - March 2011}

... that time we drove to another country, Montenegro, just for dinner. Driving over the border without stopping, reversing up and the scary border patrol lady (note: don't laugh when you accidentally drive through a border without stopping) {June 2011}

... wandering the bullet ridden ruins of once prosperous resorts in Croatia {June 2011}

... visiting Muiderslot castle, where my Grandfather was imprisoned during WW2 {February 2012}

... that time Tiff and I created a masterpiece (VAC aka Valais Alp Cake) that was so ridiculously huge it didn't fit in the fridge and we had to chill it on the balcony outside (hooray for winter in Switzerland) {March 2011}

... snow angels and building a snowman on the side of the mountain near Zermatt, just days before we drove back to Holland and hopped on a plane for a surprise visit down under {December 2011}

... many (many many many) visits to the Mannekin Pis frites stall on the big main road coming out of Amsterdam Central station that led to the main square. I miss Amsterdam. I feel like I know it well and loved exploring all it's random little streets and canals. And sitting in that giant yellow clog.

... tulips, tulips and more tulips {April 2011}

... jumping between countries on a random road border (the Netherlands & Germany) {May 2010}

... that time we found a random bathtub on the side of the road in Switzerland {November 2010}

... renting a villa on Lake Como, Italy. Eating gelato in the freezing cold, the best tiramisu I've ever eaten, and stalking George Clooney's villa {January 2011}

... exploring the island of Skopelos, Greece to find all the filming locations from Mamma Mia and the crazy big storm that flooded our rental house {September 2010}

... visiting the family farm in Gendringen {August 2010}

... ice skating on a frozen canal in Nijmegen {December 2010}

... the numerous cheap pub meals in Kranenbourg, Germany. A 10 minute drive just over the border, we'd regularly go lunch there. The best schnitzel ever topped off perfectly with a large Erdinger for under 10 euros total! We'd practice our highschool German and watch people drive down the quiet street in this tiny town while we enjoyed our lunch. I miss that place.

... Santorini. 2 euro gyros, cliffside restaurants, red beaches, white buildings along the caldera, the scariest donkey ride. A spectacular island {September 2010}

... the creepiest church I've ever entered, made entirely of skulls and bones. Kutna Hora, Czech Republic {June 2010}

... the first time it snowed. I was so proud of my balcony snowman/bird/who knows what it is {November 2010}

... Christmas markets in Strasbourg, France {December 2010 & 2011}

... watching the Vierdaagse (4 Day March) from the window of our Dutch apartment on Sint Annastraat. The first year when they placed the mens open portable urinal right underneath our window... Eep. The dancing policeman on the intersection.

... celebrating our anniversary with a weekend away staying in a French Chateau. The 7 course dinner was my favourite - lavendar creme brulee, anyone? {February 2011}

... wandering around Pemberley (aka Lyme Park), pretending to be Elizabeth Bennett {March 2010}

These all feel like a lifetime ago. I miss Europe. On the plus side - now that we're not restricted with travel because of visas, we can (hopefully) go back and holiday there again one day!

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