Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Out of the mouth of babes {Oliver at 4 years 6 months}

Quotes I don't want to forget - Mr Oliver at four and a half...

His reaction to the ultrasound photo the day we broke the news to him that another baby is joining our family: It's a volcano!

The next time I offered to show him ultrasound photos: Uhhhh will it have a face this time?

The moment the ultrasound technician said it's a GIRL: See Dad, I told you it's a girl baby! (So proudly - he had been playing with toys with Austin and not seeming to pay any attention until that moment and was super proud he was the only one in the family to guess the gender correctly).

When talking about his baby sister (every. single. day): Mum she's going to be soooo cute. Do you love her already? I love her so much.

When asked if he'd like to live in Australia one day: Yes! But - is there Chick-Fil-A in Australia? (Me: No. Ollie's face drops). But I want to live beside Chick-Fil-A foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

When driving home from school with his graham cracker gingerbread house on the front seat: Mum drive carefully. Mum slow down. Slow down! (I'm only doing the speed limit). Mum I have something precious I don't want it to crack. Be careful! (Finally on our street I just roll down the street super slow): Good job Mum. NOW the policeman wont give you a ticket and take your money.

Talking about heaven: When we go to kevin, can we pack a snack?

Love this big boy - we are so proud of you kiddo for so many reasons and love seeing the excitement and love you have already for your new baby sister!

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

la petite bump @ 27 weeks

Why hi there 27 weeks!!!

Less than a week until I hit the third trimester with baby girl (hooray!) and remembering to do bump updates on the blog or even just weekly pics for my own record has gone out the window... Sorry baby girl. Being pregnant with my third is so different to the first, or even the second time although the bump is looking just as big. I feel like even though I'm having a girl this time, I still carry the same. Big and low. Oliver vs Austin vs Baby Girl at 27 weeks:

Believe me when I say we are counting down the weeks until May... This pregnancy has been hard physically. Part of it is because I have two tiny children at home who require my constant attention (and Mitch traveling the last couple of weeks has been exhausting) but I'm not kidding when I say I feel like my body is falling apart.

I hate being so whiney; I am so very thankful for our littlest blessing but this pregnancy has just been ugh. Where's the glow?!?! I've discovered you can have aches and pains in places I didn't even know was possible, and the symphysis pubis dysfunction pain (SPD) is frustrating and painful. It didn't start until after 30 weeks with Ollie, I barely remember having it with Austin but the pain started kicking in by the half way point this time around. Some days it's not too bad, but others - by the time the boys bedtime rolls around, I can hardly walk. Rolling over in bed is difficult not because of the belly, but because of the pain. I have to sit down to get dressed and put shoes on and getting in and out of the car can really hurt. Being someone who is usually quite active, I'm finding it frustrating. I want baby girl to stay put until full term (although please lets not be like your next biggest brother and never want to come out) but I'm also really looking forward to being done growing tiny humans and just have our littlest love here in our arms.

At the recommendation of my ob, I've started wearing a pregnancy support belt which helps delay the pain a few hours, but doesn't eliminate it completely unfortunately. I last went to the gym at around 18 weeks and I miss working out so bad. There is no way I could do any form of weights right now though and although I *might* be able to go and sit on a bike for an hour, I've just been too tired to get up early in the morning and go and nervous that it will make the SPD pain flare up earlier in the day.

Pregnancy aches and pains aside though - everything is looking great with baby girl. She's not as active as the boys were but I'm feeling her move more and more and Mitch and Ollie have been able to feel some decent kicks. She was measuring over a week and a half ahead at the anatomy scan and given our history of decent sized babies (8lbs 5 oz & 8lbs 9oz) I'm predicting she'll also be a chunker. I am feeling huge given this enormous bump but (even though I closed my eyes when the nurse made me step on the scale) my ob showed me my weight gain chart and said I'm right on track. Which being me, probably means I'll end up gaining 40lbs again no worries, but given how quickly I've lost it in the past, I'm not concerned. I'm pregnant; not fat.

My blood pressure so far has been good, it was an issue for my entire first pregnancy and rose dramatically at the end with Austin but I'm hoping it stays under control this time. I'd really like to avoid another induction. In the next week I need to do the glucose test, get a couple shots and my next check up will be the day before we go to Hawaii. Bring on the babymoon!

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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Life lately - the staycation

Playing iPhone catch up from the end of last year - our Christmas through New Years staycation...

Christmas Eve - making green grinch cookies with the boys (and of course, watching the movie together)...

Merry Christmas! This was our 4th Christmas we've spent away from family, but only the second where we've actually spent it at home. Ollie was very keen to have Christmas in our own house this year and we happily obliged... Hopefully the next one will be down under though ;-) (and I made my very first terrine!).

The week Mitch had off between Christmas & New Years we just hung out - took the boys to the park...

Visited the Exploratorium in the city (and had a yummy lunch from the Ferry Building)...

Spent the day at the San Francisco Zoo...

Had many coffee dates/bike rides to Philz...

And then we finished off our little mini break by spending a few days shopping around for a new car! Neither of us were too keen to get rid of our VW, but with baby girl on the way a little more space is necessary, so we came home with a nice dark grey Toyota Highlander... I came dangerously close to a minivan (ugh - what was I thinking?!? It seemed like a good idea til the moment I sat in it and then I knew we are a SUV family for life) but the highlander is a good compromise, roomy enough and a 7 seater, hooray!

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