Thursday, March 17, 2016

And now he is TWO! {Austin Mitchell}

It really doesn't feel like that long ago I was hugely pregnant and overdue, eagerly awaiting the arrival of our sweet baby Austin, our second son. Yet just like that, our littlest love - our sweet little Californian bear turned TWO last Friday, March 11th.

Oh, baby Austin. I guess I've only got another 8ish weeks to call you the baby, huh? What a delightful addition you are to our family.

In the past few months, your impish side has been coming through as has your sometimes never ending emotional meltdowns, but really sweet boy - we couldn't have asked for a more fun, easy going kiddo.

You're not as verbal as your big brother was at this age (and we see how frustrated you get when you just can't verbalize what you want) but you have the sweetest manners and love to play parrot with Ollie.

You love bubbles and bouncy balls and dogs and trains. Your favourite book up until about a month ago was Goodnight Gorilla (you just love naming all the animals and pointing out that red balloon on every page) but now you are obsessed with Thomas Look and Find. You point to each item and give a little high pitched inhale/shriek when you find it on the page.

You sleep in a big boy bed, on the bottom bunk in a shared room now with your big brother and love being in there together.

You insist of filling your bed with books at naptime and bedtime and love to lay and read to yourself as you fall asleep.

Your favourite toy is 'sheepie', a well loved sleep sheep now minus the musical sounds, who you lovingly carry by the ear and rub its ear to soothe yourself, and 'doggie' a giant stuffed bulldog from Ikea - after you fall asleep at night, you're usually sprawled over doggie like a pillow and holding sheepie's ear obsessively.

You love your dummy and weaning you off it is proving to be a nightmare. You think it's hilarious to try and shove it in mama's mouth when I'm least expecting it (ugh).

You've been a real mama's boy for most of your life, but in the past few months have decided mama no longer exists when Daddy is at home.

You love to snuggle and pat my growing belly. The baby sister bump makes the perfect pillow.

You're tough as nails and sometimes I wonder if you've actually got any nerve endings - when you fall over or hurt yourself in any way, you either (a) don't cry, just move on and get back to playing or (b) run over to mama for a 1 second hug and then get right back to it.

You love the routine of picking Ollie up from school twice a week. You run straight into his class and join in on circle time, going up to Ollie's teacher for your sticker. It makes everyone smile!

You think you are a big kid like Oliver, you mostly play with older kids and only have two little friends your age (Nolan and Adele) who you love to play with. Your favourite kiddo - after your big bro - is Eyyyyya (aka Ella), you get SO excited when she turns up and it was the first friend name you said.

We all love you SO much baby Austin, it's hard to explain just how much joy you bring to our lives. Happy Birthday kiddo! I can't wait to see how you grow and develop over the next year.

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