Wednesday, March 16, 2016

la petite bump @ 32 weeks

Hooray for the third trimester! And I will say, after hitting the 32 week mark and spending a few hours in labor & delivery Sunday night, things are starting to feel real. Less than 8 weeks until baby girl is due!

After failing my 1 hour and then 3 hour glucose test, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 28 weeks - it came as a bit of a surprise given I didn't have this issue for my pregnancies with the boys. After a crazy busy day the day before we flew out for Hawaii, I completed my 4hr diabetes 'class' and left with instructions that we had a week to get numbers under control, otherwise medication it is. Talk about freaking a girl out - I knew we were going to be eating out for every meal for the next week, and eating out is notoriously difficult with GD. It's been easy enough to get my post meal readings under the limit (and in Hawaii, I just went for a nice long stroll along Waikiki Beach after every meal - it's a hard life) but it took some trial and error with my bedtime snack to get my fasting reading to an acceptable level. I *think* I finally have it figured out now, and the diabetes nurse (who calls at the same time every week to get my readings and see how things are going) is happy with my numbers.

I will say, for someone who loves a sweet treat - this has been torture. I know it's only short term, and the health of baby girl is worth every single finger prick (4 x day, much to Ollie's amusement) but still, it's annoying. We've had Mitch's birthday at the start of the month (I baked him a triple layer dark chocolate Guinness cake with salted caramel buttercream and whipped bittersweet chocolate ganache topped with crushed Butterfingers - aka simply cruel to bake and not eat!), Austin's birthday last week, Easter and my birthday are coming up in a couple of weeks followed by my baby shower (the one day of being allowed to indulge). I'm gonna be packing brownies in my hospital bag!

Otherwise though, everything else has been going great and I'm very thankful for a complication free pregnancy. I've had no ongoing high blood pressure problems yet like my previous pregnancies, baby girl has been active, I've actually lost weight since my 28 week appointment (thanks, GD diet - this is all ok and normal according to the dr) and other than this past weekend, I've been feeling pretty good. My little trip into the hospital - well, I'd been having a lot of cramping & lower back pain, combined with regular braxton hicks. I'd tried resting on my side, drinking lots of water but they just weren't going away so L&D said to come in for a check because of the risk of preterm labor. I'm so very thankful for a good friend being able to drop everything and come hang out with the boys so Mitch and I could go in. Thankfully, the contractions weren't causing any dilation but the doctor said that being my 3rd baby, I could just keep experiencing this until she's born as my body is preparing itself early. Great. But, baby girl was happy and dancing around, however my blood pressure was elevated (duh, stress) so I had to stay a little longer and wait for blood test results, but all was well. Gave me a bit of a scare and made everything all feel quite real, especially as the nurse admitting me was the same one who helped deliver Austin! Although baby girl's room is practically ready, I think it's time I start thinking about my hospital bag and all that fun stuff.

And finally, a little bump comparison just for the fun of it - 32 weeks with Oliver vs Austin vs baby girl!

8 weeks to go baby girl. We are getting a little bit anxious to meet you and start calling you by name!

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