Saturday, March 5, 2016

One. Week.

One week today until that squishy, chubby baby turns TWO. Oh, Austin! I knew this day was coming but even with the impending arrival of baby girl, I'm just not ready for you to enter the twos! When Ollie turned two, I thought he was so big and grown up and had such high (often unrealistic) expectations of behaviour and well, everything. Now I realise - you're still a baby at two. You're SO little in the grand scheme of things and have so much learning to do!

I've been looking through photos of Austin's birth today and feeling all the feels. Almost 20 hours of back to back pitocin contractions without any form of pain relief was honestly hellish. It was awful and at times I really didn't think I could make it through. But the reward, that feeling of accomplishment and joy at finally meeting our sweet Austin - I was on a high for weeks. I also found so much healing in his birth - although I did end having to be induced for medical reasons, I finally got my natural experience. None of that awful epidural business that left me with 10 holes in my back and spinal headaches for almost a week after Oliver's arrival.

Looking back through the photos of Austin's early days, some of my all time favourites are those with his big brother. Our big boy has matured so much in the past two years, but one thing hasn't changed - his love for his baby brother. Right from their very first meeting, Oliver has loved Austin dearly. As Austin has grown, their relationship has changed - you know, now they have similar interests and fight over toys and antagonize each other for the pure joy of it but their sibling relationship has grown into that of a friendship, with Oliver taking a really protective role of Austin whenever we are out and about. Every day when I look at my two unique and precious boys, I hope and pray that this friendship is something that they have for life. That they always look out for each other. That as adults, they love and respect each other and actually want to spend time together because they enjoy hanging out; not just because they're related.

One week. One week baby boy and you'll be two. You're fairly oblivious to the fact that it's your birthday so soon but Ollie is well and truly on the countdown for you :-)

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  1. It goes by way too fast!! My baby just turned two last week :(


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