Tuesday, March 15, 2016

This is winter in California

Winter in California - ok, so we have had a fairly wet winter this year BUT last month we had some absolutely glorious weather. 25 degrees (celsius) and that gorgeous, California sunshine. We decided to celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary with a family day at the beach - Bean Hollow State Beach, just one of many pretty beaches along our stretch of Highway 1.

These boys just love being out and about and running off some of their endless energy at the beach. Although the beach here can be a bit of a tease (it's never warm enough to go swimming, even in summer), it's still my happy place. Kicking back with this growing baby girl bump, watching our boys play together... There is something so refreshing about being at the ocean. And when we were leaving, an older couple approached us - the wife just wanted to just say how lovely our boys are, how much they enjoyed watching them interact and playing together so nicely and that we should be proud. That just made this mamas heart so full - and topped off a perfect family day :-)

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