Tuesday, April 26, 2016

la petite bump @ 38 weeks

Hello, 38 weeks. Technically not even "full" term (I didn't know until recently that the guidelines have been changed and now 39 weeks is considered full term, not 37) but I'm getting ready to meet our baby girl. The end is in sight!

Amazingly, I haven't been feeling anxious about when she'll come. Physically, I'm uncomfortable but mentally I'm actually in no hurry - another week or two doesn't phase me right now. She'll come when she's ready, although due to the gestational diabetes my ob doesn't want me to go beyond 41 weeks and I would really, really, really like to avoid induction this time around. Please body - lets go into labor naturally for once!

I had my 38 week checkup last week and had gained 0.5lb since my last appointment, but I'm still pounds lighter than I was when I was diagnosed with GD at 28/29 weeks. Total weight gain is less than 30lbs, so far less than with the boys. I'm still convinced she's going to be gigantor baby though, my guess is 9lbs but we'll see!

She's definitely dropped in recent weeks - even maternity shirts don't always manage to cover the bottom of the bump nowadays! She's head down and ready to go, her head is forever pressing on my cervix and giving me those lovely sharp pains. As much as I know she really could come any day now and we're about as prepared as we can be, it sometimes still blows my mind that I'm going to have a daughter within the next 3 weeks. Wasn't it only yesterday that Austin was born?

I had grand plans of Mitch taking maternity photos this pregnancy, but kinda ran out of motivation. We did take a few more photos at 'the wall' in Palo Alto a couple of weeks ago while the boys were at a birthday party. It's my favourite place for pics!

Hurry up May - we can't wait to meet you baby girl!

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

The shared room

Now that the nursery is complete, I thought it only fair I share the boys space. I have been dreaming up ideas for a shared room for the boys since Austin was oh, six months old. And Ollie has been talking about he and Austin having bunk beds since we brought the little guy home from hospital. So, it felt long overdue when over the Christmas break we moved the boys into the same room. I love a clean, simple look. Just sleek & modern yet fun for their age. And with my two boys being little world travelers, I thought a travel inspired room would be perfect for my third culture kiddos.

My favourite thing about their room is all the handmade touches - like Oliver's name sign (thanks, Dad), their paintings (thanks again Dad!) and the Dutch family tradition of a birth cross stitch. Everything else was sourced off Etsy, Target, Ikea and a few larger items were given to us from a friend that was moving.

The only thing I'm not really happy with is their bedding. Cotton On is primarily an Australian store but when I was searching for bedding online I came across Cotton On Kids USA which had some super affordable and bright colored bedding. I'll put it this way - there's a reason their prices are low. It looks great but after only a few washes, the colour has faded and the doona covers just look quite old and worn already. The stuff I found that I really, really, really want is from Adairs but they won't ship internationally - I'm planning on getting it when we eventually move back to Australia provided it's still in stock.

The boys LOVE sharing a room and sometimes I wonder why we didn't do it sooner. It's a bright, happy space and I can see why they love playing in there together - I certainly enjoy it too. I had been nervous about how they'd sleep (or not sleep) together but honestly, the transition has gone far more smoothly than I could have anticipated. The first night they chatted and annoyed each other for hours, but by night 4, they were both going down without a fuss.

Having two boys can be kinda crazy but it's also a lot of fun - putting together their shared room was a project I really enjoyed!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A room for baby girl {la petite nursery}

37 + weeks and baby girl's room is finally complete!

I had a few different ideas floating around ever since we found out we are having a girl, but kept coming back to a classic pink + grey + white (with gold accents) scheme. I'm not into super cutesy themes or licensed characters or anything like that (and despite my previously professed dislike for owl themed nurseries, I did end up with a lot of owls - but I love it) and love the simplicity of her space.

The finishing touch which I took down for photos hangs above the chair/beside the window... It gives a big hint to her name however so I'll leave that one a surprise ;-)

My favourite part of her room is without a doubt this unicorn. Kitsch at it's finest! I ummed and ahhed over it forever, but I'm SO glad I bought it!

Less than a month now until we have our precious baby girl in this space :-)

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The final getaway {Pismo Beach}

I really thought Hawaii was going to be our last getaway as a family of 4, but we ended up taking a last minute trip to Pismo Beach to celebrate my birthday at the start of the month. We took the scenic route down along Highway 1, crossing a couple of locations of my California to-see list. We originally did this drive back in 2013 with my highschool friends, but my memory of it is that the weather was fairly foggy and miserable - it looks far more impressive in the sunshine!

Much to Ollie's disappointment (he cried when we left - "this holiday is too short"!!!), we only had time for 1 night at Pismo Beach. We were here almost 2 years ago exactly, staying at the same hotel. It's such a great spot for a getaway - far enough away that it feels like we're somewhere new, but still close enough to home that we could rush back if needs be being so heavily pregnant.

I'm really looking forward to when I'm done being pregnant and our baby girl is finally here. I can't wait for the summer and lazy beach days and weekends away (are we going to be game to camp this year with a little baby? We'll see!). I wonder where we'll go for our first trip as a family of five???

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Monday, April 11, 2016

la petite bump @ 36 weeks

The end is getting closer! Only a month (or so) until this baby girl makes her grand debut... Although I'm feeling a little meh to be the last of my friends/family to be pregnant right now (all 3 who were due around the same time as me have all had their babies prematurely at 34, 36 & 35 weeks), I'd still rather her keep on baking until she's full term.

I had my 36 week check up on Thursday, first appointment in a month. I've lost another 2lbs since my 32 week appointment, so my total gain is a little under 30lbs so far. It's really strange to be losing not packing on the kilos at this late stage but all normal apparently because of the gestational diabetes diet. Baby girl is head down and ready to go, I'm 1cm dilated - not that it means much being my third. Next appointment is at 38 weeks and I also pick up my Tens machine rental that week, so anytime after then she's allowed to come!

Not much else to report at this late stage - everything has just been going smoothly. Although I've felt really large and tired and uncomfortable, I really can't complain as it's been an easy going pregnancy medically speaking. I definitely don't feel as huge as I did with the boys (all over) and I'm really noticing in these later weeks that my bump is in fact quite a different shape. It's not the round basketball belly, it's more pointy - although it's still quite low. Bump comparison - 36 weeks with Oliver vs Austin vs baby girl.

Today marked a milestone in this pregnancy though - the baby sprinkle day! I had the most lovely afternoon with friends celebrating this sweet baby girl at a local high tea cafe. Even my long lost friend from Alabama joined in via FaceTime!

4 weeks and counting baby girl. We can't wait to meet you!

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