Tuesday, April 26, 2016

la petite bump @ 38 weeks

Hello, 38 weeks. Technically not even "full" term (I didn't know until recently that the guidelines have been changed and now 39 weeks is considered full term, not 37) but I'm getting ready to meet our baby girl. The end is in sight!

Amazingly, I haven't been feeling anxious about when she'll come. Physically, I'm uncomfortable but mentally I'm actually in no hurry - another week or two doesn't phase me right now. She'll come when she's ready, although due to the gestational diabetes my ob doesn't want me to go beyond 41 weeks and I would really, really, really like to avoid induction this time around. Please body - lets go into labor naturally for once!

I had my 38 week checkup last week and had gained 0.5lb since my last appointment, but I'm still pounds lighter than I was when I was diagnosed with GD at 28/29 weeks. Total weight gain is less than 30lbs, so far less than with the boys. I'm still convinced she's going to be gigantor baby though, my guess is 9lbs but we'll see!

She's definitely dropped in recent weeks - even maternity shirts don't always manage to cover the bottom of the bump nowadays! She's head down and ready to go, her head is forever pressing on my cervix and giving me those lovely sharp pains. As much as I know she really could come any day now and we're about as prepared as we can be, it sometimes still blows my mind that I'm going to have a daughter within the next 3 weeks. Wasn't it only yesterday that Austin was born?

I had grand plans of Mitch taking maternity photos this pregnancy, but kinda ran out of motivation. We did take a few more photos at 'the wall' in Palo Alto a couple of weeks ago while the boys were at a birthday party. It's my favourite place for pics!

Hurry up May - we can't wait to meet you baby girl!

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