Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The final getaway {Pismo Beach}

I really thought Hawaii was going to be our last getaway as a family of 4, but we ended up taking a last minute trip to Pismo Beach to celebrate my birthday at the start of the month. We took the scenic route down along Highway 1, crossing a couple of locations of my California to-see list. We originally did this drive back in 2013 with my highschool friends, but my memory of it is that the weather was fairly foggy and miserable - it looks far more impressive in the sunshine!

Much to Ollie's disappointment (he cried when we left - "this holiday is too short"!!!), we only had time for 1 night at Pismo Beach. We were here almost 2 years ago exactly, staying at the same hotel. It's such a great spot for a getaway - far enough away that it feels like we're somewhere new, but still close enough to home that we could rush back if needs be being so heavily pregnant.

I'm really looking forward to when I'm done being pregnant and our baby girl is finally here. I can't wait for the summer and lazy beach days and weekends away (are we going to be game to camp this year with a little baby? We'll see!). I wonder where we'll go for our first trip as a family of five???

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  1. Gorgeous views! And congrats on the arrival of baby girl :)


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