Saturday, April 23, 2016

The shared room

Now that the nursery is complete, I thought it only fair I share the boys space. I have been dreaming up ideas for a shared room for the boys since Austin was oh, six months old. And Ollie has been talking about he and Austin having bunk beds since we brought the little guy home from hospital. So, it felt long overdue when over the Christmas break we moved the boys into the same room. I love a clean, simple look. Just sleek & modern yet fun for their age. And with my two boys being little world travelers, I thought a travel inspired room would be perfect for my third culture kiddos.

My favourite thing about their room is all the handmade touches - like Oliver's name sign (thanks, Dad), their paintings (thanks again Dad!) and the Dutch family tradition of a birth cross stitch. Everything else was sourced off Etsy, Target, Ikea and a few larger items were given to us from a friend that was moving.

The only thing I'm not really happy with is their bedding. Cotton On is primarily an Australian store but when I was searching for bedding online I came across Cotton On Kids USA which had some super affordable and bright colored bedding. I'll put it this way - there's a reason their prices are low. It looks great but after only a few washes, the colour has faded and the doona covers just look quite old and worn already. The stuff I found that I really, really, really want is from Adairs but they won't ship internationally - I'm planning on getting it when we eventually move back to Australia provided it's still in stock.

The boys LOVE sharing a room and sometimes I wonder why we didn't do it sooner. It's a bright, happy space and I can see why they love playing in there together - I certainly enjoy it too. I had been nervous about how they'd sleep (or not sleep) together but honestly, the transition has gone far more smoothly than I could have anticipated. The first night they chatted and annoyed each other for hours, but by night 4, they were both going down without a fuss.

Having two boys can be kinda crazy but it's also a lot of fun - putting together their shared room was a project I really enjoyed!

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  1. Very cute!! I love the map hanging on the wall and the suitcase to hold the train tracks!

  2. Oh, it looks like the perfect boy room!

  3. So cute! And could you have a friend or family member in Australia buy the linens for y'all now?


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